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Winter 2018

December 2, 2018

New Shopping Cart

Gary's been industrious, and sneaky lately. He's cobbled together a new shopping cart system. Check it out!

Gold Items News Page

We are now in the process of getting ready for the production run.

Website Updates are Almost Done!

Things are now down to the "tweaky bits" and dark corners of the website that are being updated. If you poke around the site, you'll find new items in the Tackmakers Galleries. Soon we'll be catching up on some Equigenesis Galleries submissions that have been delayed for some time.

November 12, 2018

The advance order period has been extended until November 23, 2018. There's still some time to make sure you get the gold items you are needing.

Advance Gold-Items PDF

PDF file including all the gold-colored etched items available for pre-order, that you can print or peruse offline.

Gold Etchings Clearance Sale PDF

In preparation for the new gold etched parts, we're putting most of the existing gold etched parts on sale. Sale prices are already in place across the website.

Meanwhile, most all of the webpages have been updated, but for a few of the Galleries of Painted models, and the Tackmaker's Gallery. Those pages should be completed by the end of the year.

November 12, 2018

Shopping Cart coming ... soon ...

Gary has been working on putting together a "shopping cart" for the Rio Rondo Website and it's getting close to being finished. If you'd like to be a guinea pig for testing this, email Gary.

Gallery Updates

At long last, most of the Painted Model Galleries have been brought up to date for your viewing enjoyment. The Galleries feature models that were sculpted by yours truly (Carol Williams) and painted by myself and others... as well as a gallery of models sculpted or manufactured by other entities, and painted by myself.

I hope that things will be in a position to take on new submissions shortly.

Currently, we're working on getting the Tackmaker's Galleries up to date.

August 19, 2018

New Tools!

We now carry Xuron Cutters and new EuroTool Pliers (Needle Nose, Round Nose and Knotting Pliers), as well as Needle Files and Hemostats.

We've got a few more tools coming in the next week or two as well, so stay tuned.

August 1, 2018

New Prepping Tutorial

This is actually one of the most important pieces of information you will need if you are prepping models.

It has recently come to light that removing the silicone-based mold release from resin-cast models requires the right approach. We conducted a series of tests to find out what does and doesn't work, and found an easy solution.

The trouble is, a lot of older information... doesn't actually work very well. If you are downloading our Prepping Brochure (BR08) please be sure to snag this one as well. (The two will be consolidated together as soon as I can get to it.)

New Pricelists Section

The Price & Availability Lists have been revamped and we also have included pages that feature just the new product, price changes as well as specials.

We'll be working on tweaking these up a bit in the future, and adding to the specials offerings

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Price & Availability Lists

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Resin-Cast models by Carol Williams.

Specials & Close-Outs

Every now and then we clean out the shop, and come up with all kinds of extra parts, goodies, odd lots, factory seconds or special items we've got only in a limited quantity. First come, first serve!

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