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Summer, 2021

June 4, 2021


Check your Spam, Junk, Trash and other folders if you are using Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and others.

Make sure you have added

something like an address

to your "Approved Senders" list
within your email app or email service.

Currently, we're experiencing no end of troubles getting in touch with customers via email, with most of the major services. Far too often, our emails go directly into the TRASH.

There is currently NO WAY for us to work around this.

If you are paying with PayPal:

Please check all your folders (Spam, Junk, Trash, etc.) and if you do not find one within 48 hours of placing your order... please email us.

In recent days, we have even tried using PayPal to directly send money requests/bills to some customers... however this takes a LOT of extra time, and hasn't worked any better. Please DO NOT expect an email from PayPal itself.

Rio Rondo Newslist Changes

Presently, we're trying to get some things set up so we can send news emails out via MailChimp. If not that, then perhaps a similar service.

I'm hoping we'll be able to get something going here shortly. We'll go ahead and subscribe current people for the first post, and hopefully that will work out ok. So, if you get an email from us, from a regular commercial sender such as "MailChimp", you'll know what that's about.

I hope to get a new page up to sign up, and you should be able to unsubscribe to the new list if you are not interested in receiving any posts from us.

New Oxbow Stirrups

Available now in Traditional and Action scales. These are printed resin and can be painted like wood, or metal, or covered in leather.

Many Kits are Back In Stock

Spring, 2021

May 4, 2021

Gold Items are Back in Stock

We've got a fresh load of Gold etched parts in stock and ready to ship now. There are a few parts we didn't get this round, and some are in short supply... although we do have most of the primary things like slotted rings and buckles available now.

March 27, 2021

New Sheepskin Skiver is in Stock!

We have new Sheepskin Skiver in stock and ready to ship now.

Please note that this new skiver is not exactly the same as what we had previously, however it is a very nice leather and I'm sure you will find many good uses for it.

The primary differences is that this leather is not as thin as previous skiver, and has a much softer "hand". It also has a bit of "drape" to it, and has a luxurious feel similar to chamois (but is not as "flimsy" as chamois). At the same time, this new skiver is rather stretchy, and is easily formed and shaped.

This skiver takes dye very well, and it also accepts stamping and carving/tooling. Granted, it is still quite thin for carving, but it holds nice, crisp detail. This leather can also be skived or sanded to make it thinner.

Pewter Castings

We have been discontinuing a portion of our former offerings in cast pewter over the past months. Many items rarely sold, and some molds are wearing out. Due to a lack of time and expertise in-house to replace the molds, those items are going the way of the dinosaur. Going forward long-term, the items we retain will be those there is a demand for (stirrups, primarily) and a few other select parts.

Gary's Situation

Due to the newslist only getting to some people, I did request that people share the info on the newslist on Facebook and other online hangouts for hobbyists.

The short version is that ultimately Gary had to have half of one foot amputated, and is currently recovering in fine shape. He is still off one foot for another 3 weeks, then who knows what therapies after that. However, he should be able to be reasonably ambulatory in the long run (March or so). Meanwhile, he's doing a lot of sit-down jobs and we've rearranged parts of the office and shop to accommodate him.

This has been a heck of a go these last months, but we're still working towards things lining out a bit and getting back on a more predictable track in the coming months.

I wish to thank all of our customers for being patient, and continuing to support what we're doing here for the model horse hobby (and others!)

Price & Availability Lists

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Order Resin Models

Resin-Cast models by Carol Williams.

Specials & Close-Outs

Every now and then we clean out the shop, and come up with all kinds of extra parts, goodies, odd lots, factory seconds or special items we've got only in a limited quantity. First come, first serve!

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