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This quick guide will assist you in selecting matching colors of DMC brand embroidery floss to match our suede colors. Embroidery floss can be used in many ways including braided accents on tack items, fringe on doll clothing, cinches, decorative stitching on saddle blankets, etc.

Some of the colors are very close to the suede color, while others have no exact match, but the closest floss number (or numbers) are offered. The suede colors may vary a slight bit from piece to piece as well. A * indicates the floss color is the closest match possible, but no closer match is available.


Use standard black or white for these colors. White suede is actually a bit off white, however, DMC makes no off white color that is a better match than regular white.

Suede Color Rio Part# DMC Floss #
Dark Brown LS2db 3371
Medium Brown LS2mb 801*
Light Brown LS2lb 433
Chocolate LS2ch 938*
Burgundy Rust LS2rt 918 or 221
Rusty Brown LS2rb 300*
Tan LS2tn 422* or 3045*
Buckskin LS2bk 680
Grey LS2gy 535
Dove LS2dv 840
Violet LS2vt 550
Red LS2rd 817*, 304*, 347*
Wine LS2wn 221
Ivory LS2iv 644*, 3782*
Royal Blue LS2bl 820
Cobalt Blue LS2cb 995
Cadet Blue LS2cd 3750*
Mallard Blue LS2ml 924
Turquoise LS2tq 807
Aqua LS2aq 598
Forest Green LS2fg 500
Teal LS2tl 991

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