The following links cover many topics of interest and note to help you get more out of our products, and learn more about the Model Horse Hobby.


Product Info Sheets
BR01 – Silver Rope Edge Lacing
Create realistic "rope-rolled" silver-laced edging on your miniature western tack items
BR02 – Polishing Pewter Castings
Information on tools, supplies and methods of finishing & polishing our pewter castings
BR05 – Beads & Cast Conchos Info and tips on using beads, ferrules & cast pewter conchos to create beautiful miniature bridles and other items
BR07– Color Matching Guide
Color References between various leather colors and DMC Embroidery Threads, to assist in assessing and matching colors.
BR08 – Prepping Resins
Prepare resin models for painting, including information on tools and supplies required.
BR09 – Etched Parts Basics
How to prep and glue decorated etched plates to tack items.
BR10 – Etched Parts Advanced Options
Advanced decorating techniques for etched plates including Antiquing, Colorizing, Doming, Stacking, Sealing and Adding Crystals.
BR11 – Saddle Kit Modified Patterns
Alternate pattern pieces to use with your Rio Rondo Western Saddle Kit to use with our Etched Metal Saddle Plates/Trad. Scale
Tackmaking Tutorials

Using Heel-Bar or "Tongue" Buckles
How to set up a heel-bar buckle

More Buckle Tongue Tips

Make Roller Buckles
Tutorial by Jana Skybova

Make Tiny Holes in Leather Lace for Buckle Tongues
A (nearly) fool-proof way to make nice, fine holes. Adult supervision recommended.

Buckle Strap Keepers

How to set up our Deco Buckle Keepers

Make Buckle Strap Keepers from leftover Etching Frame parts.

Make Buckle Strap Keepers from Leather

Buckle Strap Tips - Method 1

Buckle Strap Tips - Method 2

Bit Clips
How to form and attach our Bit Clips

3-Piece Bit Assembly Tutorial
How to assemble western bits like the "Riley" bit

Assemble a Buxton Bit
How to put together our Buxton Driving Bit.

Customizing How-To Info
Prepping Models – Clearing Silicone from a casting
Important informations on clearing silicone mold release from Cast Resin models.

Adding Custom or Haired Manes & Tails
Six how-to tutorials in PDF format, covering attaching cast tails, custom sculpting manes, adding mohair, etc.

Model Horse Hobby Info

Model Horse Glossary
Some common terms and definitions about the Model Horse Hobby.

Horse Breed Acronyms
A basic list of breed acronyms used by hobbyists.

Model Horse Mold Acronyms
A basic list of acronyms for some common model horse molds.

Model Horse Size & Scale
A basic reference of common Model Horse sizes/scales.

Model Horse Hobby-Related Links
Other Sites related to Model Horses, Tackmaking, Sculpting, Art Supplies, Model Horse Dealers, Etc.

Model Horse Books

Books from Rio Rondo
& Others

Basic Customizing Booklet, It's A Cinch Book, Color Formulas & Techniques Info, and more.

Color Formulas Color Reference
Sample images illustrating many of the color formulas from the Color Formulas & Techniques for the Model Horse Artist book.

CFT Color Reference