Odd lots, close-out and discontinued leathers are featured on this page. Sometimes we just can't get any more or it is no longer made. Sometimes we've discontinued some leathers to clear the decks for newer offerings. Take advantage of the pricing and get them while you can!

Leather Size Comparison Chart

Reference page you can print to see how large the leather pieces actually are.

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Tooling Goat And Sheep Leathers

We obtained some test leathers that are vegetable-tanned tooling Goat and Sheep skins. These leathers can vary a bit in thickness, similar to our Tooling Cow, and in places (or some pieces) are a little thicker. These one-time test leathers may be a good choice for some of your projects, at an economy price.

Tooling Goat Leather

Tooling Goat

The top grain is fairly dense with a tight grain and a crisp feel, and our tests indicate it accepts stamping, carving and dyes very well. Thickness is approx 1.1-1.2mm.
This leather does have some variations in color and odd marks.

Tooling Sheep

A tight top grain and a soft buttery feel, this leather tools and dyes well, and has a bit of "stretch" to it, compared to goat. Thickness is approx 1.1-1.3mm.
This leather does have some variations in color and odd marks.

Tooling Goat Leather

Available until sold out.

Goat & Sheep Tooling Leather
Part No. Description Price
GTO2Tooling Goat 8.5x5.5"

$3.50 ea
GTO6Tooling Goat Scrap Bag

$1.00 ea
SHP2Tooling Sheep 8.5x5.5"

$3.50 ea
SHP6Tooling Sheep Scrap Bag

$1.00 ea

Scrap Bags are .75oz

White 5/32" (4mm) Lace

We found this in the shop... this is between 1/8 and 3/16" in width (about 4mm), and could be useful for some Iberian items in white, Draft Halters, or Harness straps. Excellent quality, sold by the yard, limited supply.

White Leather Lace
Part No. Description Price
LL532wWhite Lace
- 5/32" (4mm) width

Cream Suede

Nice off-white pigskin suede, the same as our other pig suedes, except for the color. Amazing what we find stashed away in the shop sometimes. Limited supply.

LS4cr - Cream Suede

Cream Suede
Part No. Description Price
LS4crCream Suede 10x6"

$4.50 ea

Scraps & Seconds

In the course of obtaining select leather, we often end up with odd-sized pieces and scrap ends that don't fit into our standard offerings, so we offer those as scrap bags. These scrap bags are a great way to get a number of pieces of various types of leather to have on hand for small projects. We try to only include pieces nice enough and large enough to make miniature items out of, although sometimes the odd ends and areas vary from the regular product in that they may have more or less texture, be a little thicker or thinner than usual and so forth. All scrap bags are packaged by weight. Weights and pricing will vary from time to time.

Seconds & Scrap Bags
Part No. Description Price
Tooling Leather "Seconds" (8.5x5.5")
Pieces have some imperfections, marks or irregular coloring
Availability varies, price and specifications subject to change.
LCT13Tooling Calf Seconds, 8.5x 5.5"

$4.00 ea
LT4Tooling Cow Seconds, 8.5x 5.5"

$5.00 ea
LVT21Euro-Veg Tooling Cow Seconds, 8.5x 5.5"

$4.50 ea
Scrap Bags
Irregular small pieces.
Availability varies, price and specifications subject to change.
GTF12Fine Tooling Goat, scrap bag, 22gm
$1.75 ea
LB6Lambskin, scrap bag, mixed colors, .75oz
$1.25 ea
LCH6Chamois, scrap bag, .75oz
$1.00 ea
LCT6Tooling calf, scrap bag, .75oz
$1.75 ea
LCW6Cowhide, scrap bag, mixed colors, .75oz
$1.25 ea
LD6Kidskin, scrap bag, mixed colors, .75oz
75¢ ea
LG6Sheepskin, scrap bag, mixed colors, .75oz
$1.00 ea
LJP6Japanese Plonge, scrap bag, mixed, 12gm
$1.25 ea
LM45Suede, scrap bag, mixed colors, .75oz
$1.00 ea
LPT6Patent, scrap bag, mixed colors, .75oz
$1.25 ea
LT3Tooling Cow, scrap bag, .75oz
$2.75 ea
LVT26Euro-Veg Tooling Cow, scrap bag, .75oz
$2.00 ea
Availability varies, price and specifications subject to change.

Scrap Bag Availability/Pricelist

Our "factory seconds" of tooling leathers are the standard-sized pieces, but have notable flaws we don't feel make them quite as nice as the regular product. These pieces may have marks, scars, odd coloring or texture and related issues. These pieces can be useful when you need to have a little extra material on hand, and are great for testing carving techniques or dyes, "building up" layers of leather to be covered by more premium leather or other materials, and so forth.

Other leathers are odds, ends, irregular leftover pieces of various sizes, and may contain some blemishes.

Supplies fluctuate and vary. We don't always have all scrap bags or seconds available.

The images below will give you an idea of the contents of some of our Scrap Bags.

Tooling Cow Scrap
Suede Scrap
Tooling Calf Scrap
Japanese Plonge Scrap

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