Please note:the Jump Cups featured on this page are for 1:9 scale Model Horses, they are not full sized.

Model Horse Jump Cups

Scale miniature jump cups are made of resin and feature a chain with attached cotter pin so the pins won't get lost. Sized to easily slip on 3/8" square dowels and are suitable for Traditional scale jumps. Comes in unpainted resin, some assembly required.

Rio Rondo JC138 Model Horse Jump Cups

Shown here painted in silver color, with chains attached. Center "loop" for the chain will allow the cotter pin to be used from either side of the jump standard.

The chain prevents you from losing the cotter pin, so they're always with the jump cup.

Rio Rondo JC138 Model Horse Jump Cups

Jump Cups
XJC138 JC138 — Jump Cups
fits 3/8" square dowels
includes rings, chain and pins

It's easy to paint these jump cups with most any spray paint and in any color. Shown here is silver metallic in the back, Rustoleum Hammercoat Copper (lower left) , unpainted (center) and Testors black and Metallic Sapphire blue (lower right).

Rio Rondo JC138 Model Horse Jump Cups

The black paint was clogged and spattered, so it was covered with the blue which ended up looking an awful lot like a powder-coated finish...

And they look great on a jump!

Rio Rondo JC138 Model Horse Jump Cups

To prep your dowels to turn them into standards:

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