Tacky Wax (also known as "Sticky Wax" or "Mini-Hold Wax" is the must-have product to temporarily hold bits in place on a model's mouth. No need to cut your beautiful model's mouth open, or worry about mouthpieces!


Apply a wee bead-sized "pill" of this soft wax on the back of the bit shanks, and press them into position at the corners of the model's mouth.

Tacky Wax is also useful to help position reins, tack down the ends of straps, hold props in place. Works to help set dolls hold onto reins and lead ropes, and more. One pot could last a lifetime...but it's a well known fact you're more likely to lose the pot than use it all up!

Tacky Wax can be removed from your model with a soft cloth or cotton swab.

Tacky Wax
HD10 — Tacky Wax — $4.60 ea.

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