To get model horse bit shanks to temporarily stick to models (so you don't have to risk ruining a model by permanently gluing them to the horse or – heaven forfend! – sawing their mouths open!) you need a temporary adhesive to hold them in place.

These adhesives also work to tack down straps so they lie nicely on your model, they'll help hold small accessories in place, help reins stick in dolls' hands, and can help keep small models or items from tipping over on a display shelf or show table.

We offer two options to choose from.

Temporary Bit Adhesives

GL236 – 3/16" Removable Glue Squares
—Dispenser Pack of 450
$8.50 each.
HD10 — Tacky Wax
—1 oz. Tub
$6.00 ea.

Removable Glue Squares

Glue Dots® brand Glue Squares are thin 3/16" square removable glue dots that are easy to apply and remove from both your bits, and your models.

Simply press the back side of your bit to a glue dot on the dispenser roll, form it so the entire dot fits behind the attachment area, and then press the bit into place on the model. (Larger or heavy bits may require stacking up a couple of glue dots.) These small squares are easy to form with your fingers to the shape of the bit, so nothing is showing from behind the bit.

The dots can be left on the back of your bits, and the same dot can be used until it gets "dirty" enough and stops sticking. When it does, just pick it off, and apply a fresh glue square and you're good to go.

How To Use Removable Glue Squares

GL236 Removable Glue Squares

Tacky Wax

(Also known as "Sticky Wax" or "Mini-Hold Wax"), Tacky Wax is s soft, formable sticky wax used temporarily hold bits in place on a model's mouth (as well as secure other items of tack or accessories). Hobbyists have been using this wax for years for both showing and display.


Apply a wee bead-sized "pill" of this soft wax on the back of the bit shanks where the "mouthpiece" of the bit should be, and press them into position at the corners of the model's mouth. Use as little as possible to get the item to stick, for the best look.

Tacky Wax is also useful to help position reins, tack down the ends of straps, hold props in place. Works to help set dolls hold onto reins and lead ropes, and more. One pot could last a lifetime...but it's a well known fact you're more likely to lose the pot than use it all up!

Tacky Wax can be removed from your model with a soft cloth or cotton swab.

What is the difference?

While Tacky Wax has been used for decades and is generally tried and true, Glue Dots are a more modern of temporary adhesive that can work as well, and often better, depending on where and how you need to use it.

At Rio Rondo, we prefer the removable Glue Dots (or squares) for the following reasons:

Removable Glue Dots or Squares do have a few drawbacks:

Aspects of Tacky Wax

Small-Scale Items for Bijoux and Stablemate Models
Bits in these smaller sizes can be difficult to affix using either adhesive, because of the small amount needed. Glue dots/squares provide enough stick for the surface area, but it can be a struggle to cut or "pinch off" a tiny amount and get it in place before it gets dirt or grime on it and loses its adhesion.

By contrast, it is easier to get a wee amount of Tacky Wax onto an item (by using a toothpick or tweezers etc.) but there may not be enough surface area or adhesive to actually stick and stay in place.

Unfortunately, we presently don't have any good answers or techniques to share for this particular issue, but if we figure something out, we'll be sure to share it!

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