The Weanlings

Traditional Scale (1:9)

Stock Type Foals

by Carol Williams

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The first two weanling sculptures originated in 1999, with their modified counterparts appearing in 2000. These sculptures enjoy continued popularity for collectors and model horse showers alike.

The Weanling Story

How the weanlings came to be

Painted Weanling Galleries

over 50 different artists represented!

Still Dreamin - Stock Horse Filly'

Stlll Dreamin'

This classy stock type filly was modified from the original Parrs Dream Doll

Open Edition**

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Okie Rio - Stock Horse Colt'

Okie Rio

Okie Rio depicts a spunky, stock-type colt.

Open Edition**

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Okie Rio Portrait

Parrs Dream Doll - Stock Horse Filly

Parrs Dream Doll

This sweet, demure little filly is beautifully detailed and typy.
Currently out of production.

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Parrs Dream Doll Portrait

Okie Too - Stock Horse Colt'

Okie Too

This revised version of the original Okie Rio has a lowered head and neck, and show-style mane and tail.

Edition is Closed

More Info on Okie Too

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