Parrs Dream Doll by C. Williams

Traditional Scale (1:9)

Stock Type Colt

by Carol Williams

Edition Closed

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Stock Type Weanling Colt

Modified edition from the Okie Rio weanling sculpture

Resin-Cast – Unpainted – Edition Closed

2000 — 2009

Okie Too by C. Williams

7-1/8" at eartips — 5-5/16" at withers — 7-3/4" from nose to tailtip

Okie Too was modified from the Okie Rio sculpture in 2000. His neck was lowered and his face altered, and a new mane and tail added, to give him a more showring-style look. In this version, Okie Too looks to be closer to a short yearling, early in the season.

Okie Too had only one mold run, and approximately 110 copies were made.

Okie Too by C. Williams

Okie Too by C. Williams