WeeVal HP — Bijoux Scale Printed Resin Sculpture

Bijoux Scale (1:18)

Thoroughbred Stallion

by Carol Williams

Open Edition

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Printed Resin – Unpainted – Open Edition**

Hair Prep Mini


WeeVal HP is a Bijoux/Venti Mini (1:18) scale version of the original ValorHP TB stallion.
He is about 4.9" at the eartips, and comes with both loose and braided tails to be attached. You'll need to sculpt your own mane & forelock!

Sculpted By Carol Williams

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WeeVal painted by Tammi Palmarchuck

Photos Courtesy of Tammi Palmarchuk

WeeVal painted by Tammi Palmarchuck

Valor - Resin-Cast Thoroughbred Stallion


Thoroughbred Stallion featuring a loose mane and tail.
Valor is out of production at this time.

ValorHP - Resin-Cast Thoroughbred Stallion - Hair Prep


The original ValorHP Hair Prep version came with both a loose and braided tail, to be affixed to the model, and the neck was ready for a mane or braids to be added. The edition is closed/sold out.

** WeeVal HP is currently in-production, however, shipment schedules vary and we may not have this piece in-stock and "ready to ship immediately" at all times. Please check our "Availability List" to see what is available for immediate shipment at any given time. If a resin is out-of-stock, but is in-production, you can email us to kickstart more production or put in a reservation to get a copy as soon as the next shipment arrives.

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