Etched Metal Bit Clips

Add versatility to your western bridles with Bit Clips which allow you to easily and quickly change bits any time you wish. These bits fasten to the ends of the bridle straps, and can also be used for reins.


Bend the tabs under, and then shape the hook to set these Bit Clips up.

Bit Clip Tutorial

3/32" Etched Bit Clips
BC842 Bit Clip BC842
"Plains" – 3/32"
$1.00/set of 4
BC845 Bit Clip BC845
Rope Edge Square – 3/32"
$1.00/set of 4
BC846 Bit Clip BC846
Rope Edge Round – 3/32"
$1.00/set of 4
BC847 Bit Clip BC847
"Brocade" – 3/32"
$1.00/set of 4
BC850 Bit Clip BC850
"Southwestern" – 3/32"
$1.00/set of 4
1/16" Etched Bit Clips
BC945 Bit Clip BC945
Rope Edge Square ‐ 1/16"
$0.90/set of 4
BC946 Bit Clip BC946
Rope Edge Round ‐ 1/16"
$0.90/set of 4
BC947 Bit Clip BC947
"Brocade" ‐ 1/16"
$0.90/set of 4
BC954 Bit Clip BC954
"Tempo Star" ‐ 1/16"
$0.90/set of 4
BC854 Bit Clip BC854
"Tempo Star" ‐ 3/32"
$1.00/set of 4

Connector Bars

Connector Bars (also known as "slobber bars") can be easily added to most any set of model horse bit shanks to help the shanks stay in better alignment, while adding a nice finishing touch.

Just hook these connector bars around the lower rein rings of a western bit.


Don't forget Chain for chin straps, halter leads, and costume items!

* - Denotes Limited Availability and items may not be in stock at all times
Etched Connector Bars
WC26s WC26s – Slick Bar
.6" width
45¢ ea.
WC27s WC27s – Fine Bar
.6" width
45¢ ea.
WC28s WC28s – Drop Bar
.6" width
45¢ ea.
WC28g *WC28g – Drop Bar
.6" width
85¢ ea.

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