Rio Rondo's miniature model horse Western bit shanks are sold by the set, and will add the perfect touch to any bridle.
You will need a temporary adhesive to attach bit shanks (with no mouthpieces) to your models, such as Glue Dots® brand Glue Squares, or Tacky Wax
... there's no need to saw the mouth open on a perfectly good model!

Our bits are made from either Cast Pewter or Etched Metal. Made in the USA.

Western Bits

Western Bits for Model Horses

English Bits

English Bits for Model Horses

Driving Bits

Driving Bits for Model Horses

Specialty Bits

Specialty Bits for Model Horses


Classic Bits for Model Horses

Connector Bars

Connector Bars for Model Horse Bits

Bit Clips

Bit Clips for Model Horse Bridles

"Bijoux" Small Scale Bits

Tiny Bits For
Schleich® — CollectA® — Safari Ltd.®
& Stablemates

Custom Decorative Options for Western Bits!

Western Bit
Assembly Tutorial
Buxton Bit
Assembly Tutorial

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