Rio Rondo Enterprises Miniature Hooks
& Chain

Several types of hooks are available to suit various miniature needs. Snap Hooks featuring spring action can be used for halter lead-ropes as well as harness applications. Bit Clips are handmade, and used on the ends of a bridle's headstall and reins to allow for easily interchangeable headstalls, bits and reins. Our other hooks make simple, yet effective fasteners for items such as lead shanks, breastcollar straps, harnesses and more.

Create curb straps, Arabian costume nosebands, halter lead shanks and other costume items with our fine Curb Chain. Available in 2 widths, in silver and gold color.

Miniature Hooks
Decorated Bridle Clips
HD1s Bit Clip Silver Color Bit Clip
HD1s — $2.00/pack of 4
HD1g Bit Clip Gold Color Bit Clip
HD1g — $2.00/pack of 4
HD2s Hook Nickel Silver Etched Hooks
HD2s — $1.25/strip of 4
HD220s — $4.00/sheet of 20
HD2g Hook Gold Etched Hooks
HD2g — $1.35/strip of 4
HD220g — $4.50/sheet of 20
HD5 Hook Sterling Silver
Working Snap Hook

HD5 —$2.25/each
HD8 Hook Sterling Silver
Working Snap Hook

HD8 — $3.75/each
HD7s Hook Nickel Silver Etched Hooks
HD7s — $1.25/strip of 4
HD720s — $4.00/sheet of 20
HD7s Hook Gold Etched Hooks
HD7g — $1.35/strip of 4
HD720g — $4.50/sheet of 20
HD12s Hook Silver Color Working Snap Hook
HD12s — $1.50/pack of 4
HD12G Hook Gold Plate Working Snap Hook
HD12g — $1.00/pack of 2
HD440s Hook Silver color "S" Hook
HD440s — $1.75/pack of 10
HD440g Hook Gold color "S" Hook
HD440g — $1.75/pack of 10
HD16s Hook Sterling Silver working Snap Hook
HD16s — $1.00/pack of 2
Curb Chain
For Chin Straps, Halter Lead Shanks, Arabian Nosebands and Costume Items
HD6s 2mm Chain HD6s–2mm wide–silver color
$2.00/24" length
HD6g 2mm Chain HD6g–2mm wide–gold color
$2.00/24" length
HD9s 1.5mm Chain HD9s–1.5mm wide–silver color
$1.75/18" length
HD9g 1.5mm Chain HD9g–1.5mm wide–gold color
$1.75/18" length