Several types of hooks are available to suit various miniature needs. Snap Hooks featuring spring action can be used for halter lead-ropes as well as harness applications.

Create curb straps, Arabian costume nosebands, halter lead shanks and other costume items with our fine Curb Chain. Available in 2 widths, in silver and gold color.

Decorated Bridle Clips

Fine Chain
HD6s 2mm Chain HD6s–2mm wide–silver color
$2.00/24" length
HD6g 2mm Chain HD6g–2mm wide–gold plate
$3.25/24" length
HD9s 1.5mm Chain HD9s–1.5mm wide–silver color
$1.75/18" length
HD9g 1.5mm Chain HD9g–1.5mm wide–gold color
$3.00/18" length

Miniature Hooks
HD1s Bit Clip HD1s
Wire Bit Clip – Silver color
$2.00/pack of 4
HD1g Bit Clip HD1g
Wire Bit Clip – Gold color
$2.00/pack of 4
HD2s Hook Utility Hooks – Silver color
HD2s — $1.25/strip of 4

HD220s — $4.00/sheet of 20
HD2g Hook Utility Hooks – Gold color
HD2g — $1.35/strip of 4

HD220g — $2.70/sheet of 20
Bijoux Utility Hook HD52s—Bijoux size Utility Hook
Hole Size: .035"/.8mm – Silver Color

$1.25/pack of 12
HD7s Hook Halter Hooks – Silver color
HD7s — $1.25/strip of 4

HD720s — $4.00/sheet of 20
HD7s Hook Halter Hooks – Gold color
HD7g — $1.35/strip of 4

HD720g — $2.70/sheet of 20
Bijoux Halter Hook HD57s—Bijoux size Halter Hook
Hole Size: .035"/.8mm – Silver Color—

$1.25/pack of 12
Miniature Hooks
HD5 Hook HD5
Lobster Claw Hook
Sterling Silver

HD8 Hook HD8
Working Snap Hook
Sterling Silver

HD12s Hook HD12s
Lobster Claw Hook
Silver Color

$1.50/pack of 4
HD12G Hook HD12g
Lobster Claw Hook
Gold plate

$1.00/pack of 2
HD16s Hook HD16s – Closeout Item
Working "Bull Snap" - Sterling Silver
$1.00/pack of 2
HD440s Hook HD440s
"S" Hook – Silver color
$1.90/pack of 10
HD440g Hook HD440g
"S" Hook – Gold color
$1.90/pack of 10

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