Sold in sets of four, these cast pewter horse shoes are scaled to fit most traditional scale or classic scale models. Soft pewter makes these shoes easy to trim and bend to fit. Use super-glue to attach to any model or resin sculpture.

Just use a pair of side-cutters or nippers to trim to size if needed, then use a hobby knife or sandpaper to smooth up the edges, then glue in place!

Horse Shoes

Horse Shoes
Trad Scale Horse Shoes C60 C60 – Trad (large) scale – $8.50/set of 4

21/32" long (.690", 17.7mm)
and about 5/8" wide (.650", 16.7mm)
If your model's hoof is within about 1/8 inch/3mm, they'll probably fit.
Clas Scale Horse Shoes C61 C61 – Classic (small) scale – $7.75/set of 4
extra-long heels can be trimmed to fit most models
Trad Scale Slider Horse Shoe Set C62 – Trad scale Reining Slider Set – $8.50/set of 4
2 regular C60 shoes and 2 slider plates for the hind hooves
Trad Scale Draft & Thunderbolt Horse Shoe Set C67 – Draft/1:6 Shoes – $8.50/set of 4
Fits smaller Trad Drafts and 1:6 Thunderbolt

Regular Trad and Classic Shoe Sets have extra-long heels, so they can be trimmed and shaped to fit most models in their size category.

Sliding Plates are typically used on reining horses on the hind hooves. They are made extra wide, flat and smooth for less "drag" to allow the horse to slide to a stop more easily. The "heels" of these shoes should extend a little past the heels of the hoof when applied. The front shoes are standard shoes.

Draft Shoes:
Our Draft Horse shoes will fit most (but not all) model draft horses on the market. (They will NOT fit the Stone Standing Drafter mold). This shoe measures about 3/4" at it's widest point, and is about 13/16" long. If your mold's hoof is this size or smaller, this shoe will fit.

This shoe may also fit some regular Trad Scale molds with somewhat larger hooves.

The Draft Horse shoe also fits Johnny West "Thunderbolt" models.

Not sure what size your model is?
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