Model Horses come in various sizes, or "scales". The most common include Traditional (1:9) and Classic (1:12). The following information below can assist you in identifying which scales of models you may have.

Traditional Scale (TRAD)
Classic Scale (CLAS)
Approximately 6-7" at the withers/8-10" at the eartips Approximately 4-5" at the withers/6-7" at the eartips
Model Horse Scales
Other Scales
"Bijoux"/Little Bits (BJ)1:18
Stablemate/"Bitty Bijoux"(SM/BB)1:24-1:32

Our kits are scaled to fit either Traditional or Classic Scale model horses. This includes Breyers, Peter Stone, Hagen-Renaker, Black Horse Ranch, and other brands of similar size.

Many of our items are available in large and small sizes, however, it is not necessarily an absolute as to what size items you might choose to assemble a particular project. For example, our Classic Sized Western Bits can also work as short-shanked Traditional Scale bits.

When creating fancy western tack items at Traditional scale, you might wish to go with smaller decorative plates for an understated look.

Traditional Scale foal models: Halters for can be crafted using our Classic scale kits.

Breyer Pony models: In most cases, we recommend Classic Scale kits for Breyer Pony Molds (Cantering Welsh Pony, Criollo Pony, Shetland Pony, Misty, Aristocrat/Show Pony, Polo Pony and others)

Odd Sized Molds: Unfortunately there are a few molds that don't easily fit into any scale category. Specifically the "Sham" (1999 Copper), the large sized "Lady Roxanna" and original "Secretariat" fit into this category. Bridles and strap items are easily crafted for these molds by trimming back traditional-scale items, or lengthening classic scale patterns. Saddles, and some other accoutrements will require more individual customization of items.

Buckles & Lace

Our miniature buckles are scaled to fit standard widths of leather lacing, including the sizes (from smallest to largest) 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" and 3/16". Depending on the scale and nature of your project, you should find one of these sizes suitable to your needs. Use a thinner width lace and matching-sized buckles to make more refined items.

Suggested Lace

Bridles1/16" or 3/32"1/16"

The following chart lists some examples of Stone and Breyer molds in both size categories. Molds are referred to by their common names (whether past or present) rather than current catalog numbers (which change annually).

Please note that just like live horses, not all models come in the exact same size within their scale... some are a little taller or shorter than others.

Traditional Molds
Mold NameBrand
Ideal American Stock Horse/ISH Stone
Western Pleasure Horse** Stone
**the head on this mold is closer to Classic scale
Morgan Stone
Drafter/Percheron (Standing) Stone
allow for extra-long adjustment straps on this large traditional mold
Clydesdale/Shire (Trotting) Stone
allow for extra-long adjustment straps on this large traditional mold
Jumper/Sport Horse Stone
Performance Horse/Bright Zip Stone
Ranch Horse Breyer
Huckleberry Bey Breyer
John Henry, Cincinnati Breyer
National Show Horse, Rejoice Breyer
Appy Performance Horse, Chief of Fourmile Breyer
Ideal Quarter Horse, Wimpy, Doc Bar, Go Man Go, etc.,
Lady Phase, Paint Mare, Breezin Dixie, etc.
Stock Horse Stallion & Mare
American Quarter Horse Mare, Docs Keepin Time
Trakehner, Abdullah, Spotted Trakehner Warmblood Breyer
Missouri Fox Trotter
Gem Twist/Grey Appaloosa
Morgan Mare
Sir Wrangler
Indian Pony/Appaloosa Mare
Rugged Lark
Khemosabi/Arabian Stallion
Big Ben
Misty's Twilight/Romanesque
QH Gelding/Splash
El Pastor/Paso Fino
San Domingo/Pilgrim
Yellow Mount/Adios/Rimrock

Classic Molds
Classic Molds from Breyer come in two sub-sizes
Mold NameBrand
Mold NameSub-Size
Western Performance Series
Scamper, Hollywood Dun It, Cutting Horse
Classic Thoroughbreds
Vintage series including: Swaps, ManOWar, Silky Sullivan, Terrang, Ruffian, Kelso

(1999 Catalog Equivalents: Misty Set)
Classic Arabian Family
Vintage collection including Classic Arabian Mare & Classic Arabian Stallion
Other Classic Families
Vintage collections, including Quarter Horse Family, Andalusian Family, Mustang Family

(1999 Catalog Equivalents: Buckskin Lusitano, 3-Piece Family Gift Set)
Other Vintage Sets
Vintage collections, Black Beauty and USET Equestrian Team Set molds

(1999 Catalog Equivalents: Bay Pinto, Blue Roan QH, Dap.Grey Hanoverian, Dark Red Chestnut TB, Paolomino, Fleabitten Grey Arabian, Bay Arabian, Black Stallion)

Small-Scale Brands
Small-Scale models range from 1:16 to 1:32. We call the larger sizes (close to 1:18 scale) "Bijoux" and smaller ones closer to Breyer's Stablemate models "Bitty Bijoux".
Safari LtdBijoux
Breyer "Little Bits"(old version), Corral PalsBijoux
Breyer StablemateBitty Bijoux

Action Scale/ 1:6
Large-Scale model horses to go with action figures/GI Joe, Johnny West and similar.

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