Rio Rondo Enterprises Slotted
Halter Rings

Add a realistic touch to any model horse halter with these Slotted Halter Rings. Available in Traditional and Classic Scales, as well as an ultra-fine version suitable for refined arabian "thread" style halters. Available in Nickel and Gold plate.
Slotted Halter Rings

3-Slotted Rings are a good choice for Stock-Type halters.

2-Slotted Rings work well for "show headstalls" where a chain chinstrap is an integral part of the design... often seen on Arabian halters. They can also be used for Stock Halters.

Fine 2-Slotted rings are extra-small, and are idea for very refined "thread" type arabian halters as well as halters for smaller-scale models. Fits 1/16" laces.

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Slotted Halter Rings
Nickel SilverGold
HD30s Trad 3-slotted ring HD30s$1.50/pack of 4
HD3020s$5.00/Sheet of 20
Trad. 3-Slot – fits 1/8" leather lace
HD30s Trad 3-slotted ring HD30g$1.75/pack of 4
HD3020g$5.50/Sheet of 20
Trad. 3-Slot, fits 1/8" leather lace
HD35s Trad 3-slotted ring HD35s$1.50/pack of 4
HD3520s$5.00/Sheet of 20
Trad. 2-Slot, fits 1/8" leather lace
HD35g Trad 3-slotted ring HD35g$1.75/pack of 4
HD3520g$5.50/Sheet of 20
Trad. 2-Slot fits 1/8" leather lace
HD31s Classic 3-slotted ring HD31s$1.35/pack of 4
HD3120s$4.50/Sheet of 20
Clas 3-Slot, for 3/32" leather lace
HD31g Classic 3-slotted ring HD31g$1.50/pack of 4
HD3120g$4.75/Sheet of 20
Clas. 3-Slot, for 3/32" leather lace
HD36s Classic 2-slotted ring HD36s$1.35/pack of 4
HD3620s$4.50/Sheet of 20
Clas. 2-Slot, for 3/32" leather lace
HD36g Classic 2-slotted ring HD36g$1.50/pack of 4
HD3620g$4.75/Sheet of 20
Clas. 2-Slot, for 3/32" leather lace
HD37s Fine 2-slotted ring HD37s$1.25/pack of 4
HD3720s$4.00/Sheet of 20
Fine 2-Slot, for 1/16" leather lace
HD37g Fine 2-slotted ring HD37g$1.35/pack of 4
HD3720g$4.50/Sheet of 20
Fine 2-Slot, for 1/16" leather lace