Realistically scaled Resin Stirrups can easily be painted to recreate wood-tone looks, or covered with thin leather.
All stirrups are sold by the pair.

SP801 "Kansas" Western Stirrups

These resin stirrups are easy to paint and use as-is (by adding a little leather "tread cover" on the bottom) or cover them in leather. You can also add conchos and other decoration.

SP801 Kansas Western Stirrups - Trad Scale

The sample stirrups shown were painted with a simple wash of acrylic colors directly over the tan resin, using 2 to 3 layers, "striping" the tint to simulate woodgrain. When the paint was dry, 2 layers of clearcoat were applied

To obtain the samples shown in the picture, we used the following:

You can use any shades of brown you like or mix and match to get the shades you like best.

SP801 Stirrup on Tack by Donna Allen

SP801 Stirrup on Tack by Donna Allen

SP521 and SP532 "US Cavalry" Stirrups

US Cavalry stirrups are traditionally crafted from wood.... and you can easily simulate the wood look with these resin stirrups.

SP521 US Cavalry Stirrups - Trad Scale

US Cavalry Stirrups - Trad and Action Scales

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