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June 12, 2017

Saddle Deco items
The following series of pictures, show the saddle corner plates in relation to a SM scale model (top 3) and a 1:18 Safari Ltd mold (bottom 3)

I hope that the photos give you an approximate idea of the sizes, when compared to some actual models. The set currently has 4 sizes, from large to small, that can be mixed/matched to use on various sized projects in this range.







Center Plates
Last year, we'd thrown in a couple of center plates to test in a smaller size. The following photos show what each of them look like in references to models.

These appear to be too large for reasonable use at SM scale, but somewhat tolerable at 1:18.


Test Bit
This is one of the test bits, which is a "Seven" style bit, with "rope" deco. This was from the initial test batch in 2016, and is definitely "over-etched". While it looks rather cute here, it actually is too fragile to actually use. However, we also had some "plain" ones that did work, and this style (with or without deco) is a possible future western bit offering.

Bijoux Test Bit

Let us know what you think!