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June 12, 2017

Miscellaneous Items
The items shown on this page aren't necessarily the small "Bijoux" size specifically, but since we were set up to take photos, we thought we'd include them to show what else we've attempted to work on.

The items shown on this page are displayed against a Safari Ltd. "Morgan Mare" we obtained from Hobby Lobby. Yes, the poor girl is missing an ear.
Panel of Scales
This was one of Gary's pet projects... an attempt to create a "mesh" of scales that could be bent and formed to whatever shape you wanted. In this case, we bent it around the shoulder of the model. This could be useful possibly for parade gear, or adding to harnesses, as well as various costume items, depending on the shape and size.


Double Rail of Scales
A very early test of the scale concept, although this version doesn't bend and flex in the same way as above.


Akhal-Teke Panel
Designed to be used on neck collars and bridles, this panel is actually traditional scale. It is very flexible, and unfortunately is very fragile in this incarnation. This is another of Gary's projects, and he's still working on getting it to be just a bit sturdier, as well as trying for a smaller version.


Akhal-Teke Panel
Another type of Akhal-Teke Panel, which is nicely "bendy" to go around all kinds of twists and curves. This strip is about 1/16" wide. This would be found on neckbands and bridles, or breastcollar parts, but as you can see, might also be used on other types of tack or costumery.


Rack of Diamonds
This is from a test we did last year, but I thought we'd show what it looks like when compared to a 1:18 scale model. They are the same diamonds as featured on our small concho sheets currently available. I'm not sure if this rack is 3/32" or 1/8".

These were designed with the idea that they could be used on bridles, breascollars or to line the edge of saddle skirts (or anywhere else). Set up this way, you might not have to fight careful placement, and they will bend and twist around corners. You can use colored thread or braiding between the conchos, to make them look separated, or cut them apart and use them individually.

Sadly, we haven't had time to get very far on this project. Our previous rack tests used both strips of all the same size/style, as well as a couple that were "graduated"... small ones on the end, ramping up to a larger concho in the center of the strip (useful perhaps for breastcollars, and saddle skirting, and possibly harness or costumes.


We would appreciate any ideas you have to offer regarding which items you like and how you might wish to use them.