Rio Rondo Enterprises Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be offering 1:6 Scale (GI Joe/Action Figure) items or smaller scale military miniatures?

One Sixth scale western items are one of many ongoing projects. To check the admittedly slow progress of this project please see the One Sixth (1:6) Scale items page. Meanwhile, some of our existing items may prove useful.

Why don't you have English Saddle Kits and will you ever offer them?

Well... it's like this... there simply isn't enough time and energy to go around to develop all of the new products we'd like to be able to offer. While at one point, we thought we would, but as it turns out there are plenty of excellent how-to references and instructions and so forth available on the internet that you may find useful. So the short answer at this point is: not in the foreseeable future.

What Happened to the "Carving Miniature Saddles" Book?

It is currently on indefinite hold. Writing how-to texts is a very meticulous undertaking, and takes time to coordinate an entire volume. We'll announce further information about this book when we have information about it.

Will you ever offer Pebbles, Little Bits or Stablemate sized items?

The short answer is: maybe. We are looking into it, but we have no definitive time schedule presently.

Will you ever offer Micro-Mini sized items?

No, sorry. We're not quite that insane.

What happened to the Nickel and Gold Plated Pewter Cast Parts?

Unfortunately, plating services for cast pewter items are unavailable to us at this time.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Usually it takes a day or three to get your order processed and out the door. However, if there are questions or problems with your order, it can take longer, if we need to contact you, and we can't get hold of you!

Be sure to set your spam filters to "WHITE LIST" or "APPROVE" email from addresses, or set mail from us to be "important" or however your email service deals with it, so email from us does not end up in your junk/spam mail folder! Or the "Promotions" folder.

We ship most things via US Postal Service. Once your order leaves our hands, there is no way for us to know when it will arrive to your doorstep, although we do try to email you a tracking number for most orders. (Another reason to check your spam/junk mail settings!)
Most orders will arrive within 7 days of being shipped, and most Priority orders will arrive in 2-3 days. However, even the Post Office won't guarantee when a Priority package will arrive-- and on rare occasions it can actually take up to 30 days!

How come you don't offer Overnight Shipping?

Well, the fact is, we are located so far out in the sticks, it actually takes 2 days to get an overnight shipment to anywhere!

Due to our location, we have to call in pickups for overnight shipments the *day before*... so while we can ship via FedEx, generally speaking, you're going to pay a lot more and likely will only receive your order a day sooner than you would with Priority Mail.

There's a problem with the order I just received... now what do I do?

Get in touch with us, via phone, fax or email and let us know what the problem is, and we'll get it taken care of as soon as possible.

How long has Rio Rondo been in business?

Believe it or not, as of 2016, marks 33 years in business! Of course, things didn't start out as they are now... in the beginning, Carol did a lot of custom finished tack and models. The kits and parts didn't come along until 1988-1991, but they allowed a lot more people to learn to make tack on their own.