Shoes and bits are cast pewter, and bits will arrive assembled to fit a Thunderbolt mouth (as shown). If your horse has a closed mouth, a wider head, or for some other reason cannot accept a bit assembled to fit a Thunderbolt's mouth, un-assembled parts sets are available for $2.00 less.

Action-Scale Hardware
C67 Shoes C67
1/6 Scale Shoe Set(4)
Cast Pewter
Fits Thunderbolt
$8.50/set of 4
1/6 Scale Grazing Bit
Fits Thunderbolt
SAL16 Bit SAL16
1/6 Scale Salinas Bit
Fits Thunderbolt
CAV16 Bit CAV16
1/6 Scale Cavalry Bit
Fits Thunderbolt

Action-Scale Kits
1/6 Scale Bridle Kit KWB16
1/6 Scale Bridle Kit
Fits Thunderbolt, others
Purchase a Bit, above,
Or use your own

KWB16b - Bridle Kit - Brown Lace
KWB16k - Bridle Kit - Black Lace
KWB16r - Bridle Kit - Rust Lace
KWB16n - Bridle Kit - Natural Lace
1/6 Scale Halter Kit KH8
1/6 Scale Halter Kit
Fits Thunderbolt, others.
KH8b - Halter Kit - Brown Lace
KH8k - Halter Kit - Black Lace
KH8r - Halter Kit - Rust Lace
KH8n - Halter Kit - Natural Lace

Group Shot

Early protoyping from long ago...

Stevo's Toys often has Brand New Thunderbolts made with the original molds, as well as 1/6 scale guns, rigs, zombies, and all kinds of stuff for the 1/6 enthusiast, it's worth a look.

Potentially Useful Images:

M1859 Set

1885 MilSpec

Saddle Starting Patterns - starting point only, print on paper, cut out, and check sizing before moving to leather.