Rio Rondo Enterprises Accessories Kits

Add a bunch of great goodies to your miniature tack collection! Our Accessories Kits include the Instructions, Leather, Hardware and Patterns to create one each of 5 different projects in each kit. The Breastcollar Kit includes the supplies to make a single breastcollar.

Western Accessories Kit
Western Accessories Kit
  Five separate projects are included in this kit to add
  that realistic touch to your working western show setups.
  • Skid Boots
  • Splint Boots
  • Hobbles
  • Tie-Down
  • Rope

KAC1t – Western Accessories Kit – Traditional Scale$8.00
KAC1c – Western Accessories Kit – Classic Scale$7.75

Sorry, no color choice is available on this item

English Accessories Kit
English Accessories Kit English accessories to add a little more pizazz to your working english show scenes are featured in this kit. Five separate projects are included.
 • Bell Boots
 • Running Martingale
 • Rundown or Gallop Boots
 • Open-Front Jumping Boots
 • English Breastplate

KAC2t – English Accessories Kit – Traditional Scale$8.00
KAC2c – English Accessories Kit – Classic Scale$7.75

Sorry, no color choice is available on this item

Breastcollar Kit
Breastcollar Kit
Get more out of your saddle sets by creating alternate styles of breastcollars. Several designs and numerous combinations are possible for both working western and show styles. Kit includes supplies to create one breastcollar, but save the patterns for future projects!

Decorate your breastcollar with some of our longer Halter, Bridle & Breastcollar Plates. Solid-center style "Y" or "Westcoast" Breastcollar can be decorated with the Center Plate of your choice as well.

#KBC1t – Breastcollar Kit – $5.00available only in Traditional Scale

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