Learn to make your own model horse tack items! Just add a few simple tools and a bit of time, and you can get started crafting realistic scale miniature tack in no time.

Rio Rondo Western Saddle Kit

Rio Rondo offers a number of kits to make quality miniature items suitable for display or competition.

Kits are available in two sizes:

Traditional Scale
(approx. 1:9, Large Breyer. Peter Stone)

Classic Scale
(approx 1:12 or dollhouse).

Western Saddle Kits

Halter Kits

English & Western Bridle Kits

English & Western Accessories Kits

Action-Scale (1/6) Halter & Bridle Kits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
about our Western Saddle Kits

All Kits include:

• Full, Illustrated Instructions
• Leather
• Hardware
• Patterns

Tools and Supplies Needed


Every tackmaker should have a few essential tools on hand to construct their tack projects. Rio Rondo's kits generally require the tools listed below:

  • Nail Polish Remover (acetone based, removes unwanted glue from items and fingertips)
  • Black or Dark Brown Paint Pen Marker
  • Small "00" size hole punch (or a small brad and hammer or mallet)
  • Awl (for making or enlarging holes)
  • Sandpaper –220, 340 & 400 grit.

While you probably won't need or use all of the items for every project, this list is a good start.

See our Tool Selection!


Many of the tools, supplies and substances used to create miniatures are potentially hazardous if used in a careless manner! Our kits are recommended for persons age 12 or above, but we also highly recommend that any young person assembling our kits or creating any miniature items be supervised and/or assisted by an adult. Safety first!

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