Frequently Asked Questions
about our Western Saddle Kits

What does the Saddle Kit come with?

Our saddle kits include the Leathers (tooling leather, skiver, suede, lace, chamois), Hardware (rings, buckles, bit and other needed metal parts), Patterns to use to cut the leather parts out, cast Saddle Tree parts to build your miniature saddle on, and detailed Instructions to guide you through the process. A small amount of Tacky Wax is also included for the bit shanks.

What other items will I need to assemble this kit?

There is a full list of items you may need or want to have on hand for crafting any miniature projects. Typical items include scissors, glue, needle-nose pliers, hobby knife, leather dye and finish, and so forth. We do carry some of these tools and supplies.

What tack items are included with the Saddle Kit?

The saddle kit includes the leather, hardware, patterns and instructions to complete One Western Saddle (including a rear cinch) One Western Bridle and One Breastcollar. We do carry some additional kits that feature more options, but you'll get what you need to start with for a full basic set within the kit.

Are the Leather Parts already cut out for me?

No, however we do provide you cutting patterns so that you can do this. A good sharp scissors should be just fine for cutting the thin leathers. The Tooling Leather is approximately 2.5 oz. leather and is quite thin, so no special shears are needed. Since the parts are not pre-cut for you, you can choose to make some alterations of the shapes of some pieces if you desire.

Does the kit include a Saddle Pad?

No, the kit doesn't include a saddle pad, but that is pretty simple to construct. A piece of colored felt can work nicely (cut to size). Additionally they can be easily sewn from fabric.

Does the kit come with any of the fancy items I see on some of the sample pictures?

No, the basic kit includes the supplies you will need to create a basic or plain saddle. However, we have many special items you can order separately to decorate your saddle with any way you wish! These items include conchos, corner plates, cantle plates, fancy stirrups and bits and more! Check out the links above to get lots of great ideas on how you can decorate your miniature saddle and other tack items.

Does the kit include a woven string cinch?

No, our saddle kit includes a simple leather cinch with buckle adjustments. However, we do carry a cinch-making book that shows how you can easily make your own woven cinches (and breastcollars) from darning thread or embroidery thread. You can also substitute in 3/16" or 1/4" leather lace to create a traditional latigo strap.

I'd like to create a miniature saddle with all the trimmings, but I've never made one before. Do you have any suggestions?

If you've never assembled one of our saddle kits before, we recommend that you do the first one plain, just from the instructions. Once you've gone through the process and completed a kit, you'll know the steps, and you'll also get many ideas of how you might like to modify things to make the next saddle just what you'd like it to be! The patterns and instructions can be reused as well.

Does the Saddle Kit come in any colors?

In keeping with the tradition of western saddle-making, the kit comes with undyed (a natural/beige color) Tooling Leather. This leather can be stamped, carved and dyed to be any color you'd like. We do carry a wide selection of dye colors. A finish (which is a coating applied over the leather after it's dyed) is also recommended to help protect and preserve your work.

What about Carving or Stamping the Saddle?

Basic instructions about carving or stamping the leather are provided as part of the instructions in the saddle kit. For more detailed information at this time, we recommend you look up other sources on the internet, or locate a Tandy Leather/Leather Factory dealer in your area. We do carry a small select offering of Leatherworking Tools (see the links above).

Do you carry any finished, completed miniature saddles for sale?

No, we just offer kits and supplies for do-it-yourselfers. However you might try checking out our Tackmakers Pages to locate people who create and sell finished works, or alternatively you can search the internet, as well as eBay.

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Do you offer an English Saddle Kit?

No, we have not developed an English Saddle Kit.

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