Arabian Park Horse - Phase 1

Phase 1

This spectacular resin edition was originally released in 1993. The original edition specifications noted 125 numbered copies plus 5 artist's proofs, for a total number of 130 copies*. All production work, including molding and casting was performed in house by the sculpting artist, Carol Williams. Available in resin with steel reinforced limbs as well as cast metal ears, this edition was the second piece offered by Rio Rondo. (The first limited edition was the Quarter Horse Stallion.)

Each piece was hand finished by the artist; painted in oils with surface details in acrylics. Copies of this edition required anywhere from 15 to as many as 40 hours to complete from start to finish, depending on the various options, colors and details. No two copies of the edition were identical in color or markings— each one makes its own unique statement and displays individual character, as evidenced by the photographic record of the edition.

Custom orders were accepted for the Arabian Park Horse, including options such as choice of color and markings, gender, and either a mohair mane and tail, or sculpted mane/forelock with a cast tail. Each piece was mounted on a removable marble stand and came with a certificate of authenticity featuring a photo of the numbered piece.

*In the end, 4 additional copies were extant besides the planned 130, and include 1 copy given as a gift, 1 customized copy never completed, 1 copy retained by the caster and a broken one. A number of partial castings also exist, mostly in the form of heads.

For reference, 1 of these extras was of Phase 1 type, the other 3 were from Phase 2.

The Color breakdown for the Arabian Park Horse - Phase 1 edition is as follows:
Bay - 13
Chestnut - 12
Grey - 8
Rose Grey - 5
Black - 1
Palomino - 1
Roan - 1

Of the above, 5 were Tobiano pattern
29 copies were produced with mohair manes and tails...
10 copies were produced with sculpted manes/forelocks and cast tails

Additional Notes
All Phase 1 copies, (except for Artist's Proof 1) included cast pewter ears that were set into the resin during the casting process, to improve overall strength in that delicate area.

Each Phase 1 Arabian Park Horse with sculpted manes and tails featured a custom hand-sculpted mane and forelock. Each copy is unique in that respect as no two were alike. The tails on these pieces were cast of pewter and inset during the initial assembly process.... with the exception of one copy (#33) which was delayed and completed late in the cycle, and features a custom sculpted mane and Phase 2 style tail.
Example Photos of Phase 1 Arabian Park Horse

Initially, a short run of 25 copies in resin was offered as a "Preview" release while other production options were explored for the remainder of the edition, since a notable share of the time required was spent on casting and finishing processes. Enthusiasm for the piece was high, resulting in more than the originally specified number of copies being made in resin. Ultimately, all copies that were produced in the initial run (#1-38 plus Proofs I-III) were manufactured the same way, irrespective of the initial documentation.

Due to the slow process of in-house casting as well as other obligations on behalf of the artist, only 38 numbered copies and 3 artist's proofs were produced. New orders for this edition were not accepted after November of 1993, and the release of the remainder of the edition was postponed indefinitely at that time.
In November, 1997, the Arabian Park Horse Edition (now referred to as Phase 2 of this edition) went back into production.

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