Arabian Park Horse - Phase 2

Phase 2

In October of 1997, things came together so that completion of the full edition could continue. Some slight modifications were made to the piece, and a completely different sculpted mane and tail was added to make it distinct from the Phase 1 issue. It was decided that the casting of the piece would be in the capable hands of Randy Buckler (Resins by Randy). Again, the piece was cast with steel limb armatures and came with a removable marble base. Due to time constraints, the artist decided that mohair manes and tails would not be an option for Phase 2 custom orders.

Prepping and finishing work continued to be handled by the sculpting artist, Carol Williams. In late November, 1997, a small offering of completed pieces was sold via the website. A second sale was conducted live on the internet in January of 1998.

At that time, a number of custom orders were accepted and once more the artist was overbooked. The artist chose not to accept any further orders until the existing orders had been completed and shipped.

in 2003, the artist was finally able to consider completion of the final pieces of the edition. (Approximately 28 pieces remained at this point-- but are not inclusive of the numbers from 97-125. Please note that numbers were assigned as they were ordered initially, or as they were initially cast and prepared for painting... but were not completed/finished in numerical sequence). A few private custom orders were accepted, copies in various stages of finishing were available for "adoption" by prospective buyers via the website. For the adopted copies, purchasers often had choices of color shade and markings prior to the pieces being completed.

On May 1, 2004, the last of the Arabian Park Horse Edition (both Phases) was concluded, with the completion of copy #125... the very last to be painted.
The Color breakdowns for the Arabian Park Horse - Phase 2 segment of the edition is as follows (Includes Artist's Proofs IV and V):
Bay - 25
Chestnut - 27
Grey - 10
Palomino - 7
Buckskin - 6
Rose Grey -5
Black - 5
Silver Dapple - 2
Champagne - 2

Of the above, 16 were Tobiano pattern, 5 were Sabino Pattern.
Notes: 1 copy (#72) was produced with a mohair mane & tail, and sold at the Artisans' Showcase Auction in 1998. AP #IV also features a mohair mane & tail.

Example Photos of Phase 2 Arabian Park Horse

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