Few things are more useful and versatile for crafting miniature tack than leather lacing! Bridles, halters, lead shank straps, tug straps on breastcollars, harness items, stirrup leathers and much, much, more are easy to assemble with leather lace.

Flat Leather Lace Round Leather Lace

Available in several colors and widths, leather lace is a MUST HAVE staple item for any miniature crafter.
Natural colored lace has a light surface finish and re-dyeing may take a little practice.

All leather lace is priced and sold by the yard, in US dollars.

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Round Leather Lace

Fine quality round leather lace with a wonderful texture and feel combined with a consistent finish is ideal for adding beads and decorations.

Round Lace Swatches

Create beaded bridles, show headstalls, halters, reins, fine breastcollars and similar items with round leather lace. For tips and ideas check out our Beading & Conchos Brochure!

All of the beads we carry will fit on the .5mm lace, some will fit on the 1mm lace or may be made to fit by gently opening them up a bit with an awl.
Priced by the yard.

Round Lace
Part No. Description Price 5+ Yds.
1 MM
RL1k 1mm Round Leather Lace, black$1.35$1.10
RL1sk 1mm Round Leather Lace, GLOSSY black$1.35$1.10
RL1b 1mm Round Leather Lace, brown$1.35$1.10
RL1db 1mm Round Leather Lace, dark brown$1.35$1.10
RL1r 1mm Round Leather Lace, rust$1.35$1.10
RL1n 1mm Round Leather Lace, natural$1.35$1.10
RL05k .5mm Round Leather Lace, black$1.35$1.10
RL05sk .5mm Round Leather Lace, GLOSSY black$1.35$1.10
RL05b .5mm Round Leather Lace, brown$1.35$1.10
RL05r .5mm Round Leather Lace, rust$1.35$1.10
RL05n .5mm Round Leather Lace, natural$1.35$1.10

Flat Leather Lace

Available in 5 widths, this lace is about .7-1mm thick, with a smooth finish. Flat lace is used to make all types of strap goods, such as halters and bridles. Wider widths work for latigos, cinches, billets and many other items. This lace can be skived or sanded to be made thinner, as your projects may indicate.

Flat Lace Swatches

1/16" (1.5mm) Flat Leather Lace

1/16" ultra-narrow leather lace is ideal for delicate tack items as well as those for smaller scales. 1/16" Lace works well for refined english or western bridles, and fine straps on driving harnesses in traditional scale, and is the best choice for bridles in classic scale. Some of our beads can also be easily threaded onto 1/16" lace.

1/16" lace is made from kangaroo, and fits 1/16" buckles.
Priced by the yard.

1/16" Flat Lace (1.5mm)
Part No. Description Price 5+ Yds.
LL116k1/16" Leather Lace, black$1.75$1.55
LL116b1/16" Leather Lace, brown$1.75$1.55
LL116r1/16" Leather Lace, rust$1.75$1.55
LL116n1/16" Leather Lace, natural$1.75$1.55
LL116w1/16" Leather Lace, white$1.75$1.55
LL116rd1/16" Leather Lace, red$1.75$1.55

3/32" (2.5mm) Flat Leather Lace

3/32" narrow leather lace is a common choice for many traditional scale bridles, strap items such as lead shanks, straps on breastcollars, as well as stock type halters for classic scales (and traditional foal models). 3/32" Lace is made from Kangaroo.

3/32" lace is made from kangaroo, and fits 3/32" buckles.
Priced by the yard.

3/32" Flat Lace (2.5mm)
Part No. Description Price 5+ Yds.
LL332k3/32" Leather Lace, black$2.25$2.00
LL332b3/32" Leather Lace, brown$2.25$2.00
LL332r3/32" Leather Lace, rust$2.25$2.00
LL332n3/32" Leather Lace, natural$2.25$2.00
LL332w3/32" Leather Lace, white$2.25$2.00
LL332rd3/32" Leather Lace, red$2.25$2.00

1/8" (3mm) Flat Leather Lace

1/8" medium leather lace is the perfect choice for traditional scale halters and heavier straps on working breastcollars, as well as harnesses. 1/8" Lace is made from Kangaroo.

1/8" lace is made from kangaroo, and fits 1/8" buckles.
Priced by the yard..

1/8" Flat Lace (3mm)
Part No. Description Price 5+ Yds.
LL18k1/8" Leather Lace, black$2.25$2.00
LL18b1/8" Leather Lace, brown$2.25$2.00
LL18r1/8" Leather Lace, rust$2.25$2.00
LL18n1/8" Leather Lace, natural$2.25$2.00
LL18w1/8" Leather Lace, white$2.25$2.00
LL18rd1/8" Leather Lace, red$2.25$2.00

3/16" (4.7mm) Flat Leather Lace

3/16" wide leather lace is best used for items that require wider than average straps. Harnesses, billets and similar items can be easily crafted from this width. 3/16" Lace is made from kangaroo.

3/16" lace is made from kangaroo, and fits 3/16" buckles.
Priced by the yard.

3/16" Flat Lace (4.7mm)
Part No. Description Price 5+ Yds.
LL316k 3/16" Leather Lace, black$2.50$2.25
LL316b 3/16" Leather Lace, brown$2.50$2.25
LL316r 3/16" Leather Lace, rust$2.50$2.25
LL316n 3/16" Leather Lace, natural$2.50$2.25
LL316w 3/16" Leather Lace, white$2.50$2.25

1/4" (6mm) Flat Leather Lace

1/4" extra-wide leather lace is the widest lace we carry. Made of kangaroo, this lace is the same as our narrower laces,with a nice smooth surface. It can be used for harness parts, billets, cinches and girths or other costuming or special uses.

1/4" lace is made from kangaroo.
Priced by the yard.

1/4" Flat Lace (6mm)
Part No. Description Price 5+ Yds.
LL14k 1/4" Leather Lace, black$3.00$2.75
LL14b 1/4" Leather Lace, brown$3.00$2.75
LL14r 1/4" Leather Lace, rust$3.00$2.75
LL14n 1/4" Leather Lace, natural$3.00$2.75
LL14w 1/4" Leather Lace, white$3.00$2.75

Leather Lacing Chart

Pricing is per yard/.915 meter

1/16"LL116k$1.75LL116b$1.75LL116r$1.75LL116n$1.75LL116w$1.75 LL116rd$1.75 $1.55
3/32"LL332k$2.25LL332b$2.25LL332r$2.25LL332n$2.25LL332w$2.25 LL332rd$2.25 $2.00
1/8"LL18k$2.25LL18b$2.25LL18r$2.25LL18n$2.25LL18w$2.25 LL18rd$2.25 $2.00
3/16"LL316k$2.50LL316b$2.50LL316r$2.50LL316n$2.50LL316w$2.50 -n/a- $2.25
1/4"LL14k$3.00LL14b$3.00LL14r$3.00LL14n$3.00LL14w$3.00 -n/a-
$1.35 RL05b$1.35RL05r$1.35RL05n$1.35-n/a-

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