Deco Halter Plate Combo Sets

Craft blingy western show halters with these Halter Plate sheets. Each sheet will outfit 5 halters, with variations on the same basic theme. The individual parts can be mixed and matched, as well as used on other types of tack.

HP646 Sample

Halter Plate Sets
HP642 Southwestern Halter Plates
HP642 – "Southwestern"
$16.00 each.
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HP644 Stars Halter Plates
HP644 – "Stars"
$16.00 each.
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HP646 Floral Halter Plates
HP646 – "Floral"
$16.00 each.
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Each set includes:
A = Buckles
B = Keepers
C = Tips
D = Slot Rings
E = Nose Plate
F = Cheek Plates
G= Rivet Covers
H = Hook

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