Long Plate Sets
  For Bridles & Breastcollars

A selection of plates of different widths and lengths, to create matched Bridle and Breastcollar sets to go with our Corner Plate designs. Can also be used for halters and other items.

Bridle and Breastcollar Plates for Model Horse Tack

Long Plate Sets
BP142 - Plains
BP142 – "Plains"
Slick-Edged with half-round ends.
$4.60/set.  Photo View
BP145 - Rope-Edge Square
BP145 – Rope-Edge Floral
Rope-Edged with square ends.
$4.60/set.   Photo View
BP146 - Rope-Edge Round
BP146 – Rope-Edge Floral
Rope-Edged with round ends.
$4.60/set.   Photo View
Long Plate Sets
BP147 - Brocade
BP147 – "Brocade"
Matches other "Brocade" themed items
$4.60/set.   Photo View
BP150 - Southwestern
BP150 – "Southwestern"
Matches other "Southwestern" themed items
$4.60/set.   Photo View
BP154 - Tempo Star
BP154 – "Tempo Star"
Matches other "Tempo Star" themed items
$4.60/set.   Photo View

 Long Plate Sheets contain the following:
  • 2 - 1/8" wide, 1.5"/38cm Long Plates (for breastcollar panels)
  • 1 - 3/32" wide, 1.5"/38cm Long Plate (for extra-wide browbands)
  • 2 - 3/32" wide, 1.25"/32mm Long Plates (for avg. browbands or short breastcollar panels)
  • 2 - 3/32" wide, 1"/25mm Long Plates (for cheek pieces, nosebands, short browbands)
  • 3 - 3/32" wide, .8"/20mm Long Plates (for cheek pieces, short brows, etc.)

Matching Center Plates for Breastcollars

Bijoux & Small Scale "Rails"

— decorate Bijoux and Stablemate Halters, Bridles & Breastcollars —

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