Some of our most popular items are our cast stirrups, which you can add to new saddles you make or retrofit old ones! Cast of pewter, these stirrups have a good weight ratio for their size, and look superb. From the grooved treads on the english fillis irons, to the engraving on the show-style western stirrups, the detail and realism displayed are most certainly show quality.

Most stirrups are sold unfinished (see our Finishing Brochure for further details).
English Stirrups are also available in nickel or gold plate. Other types of stirrups may be special ordered in silver or gold plate.

All stirrups are sold by the pair.


For Smaller-Scale Stirrups, see our Bijoux items

Cast Pewter Stirrups
All stirrups are sold in pairs
Trad English Stirrups SP20


Trad Scale
Cast Pewter

Clas English Stirrups SP21


Classic Scale
Cast Pewter

Trad Paso Stirrups SP50


Trad Paso Stirrups
Cast Pewter

Classic Paso Stirrups SP51


Classic Paso Stirrups
Cast Pewter

see our Paso Stirrup Finishing
Finished Paso Stirrup SP50
Cast Pewter Stirrups
All stirrups are sold in pairs
Trad Western Oxbow Stirrups SP22


Trad Scale - Oxbow
Cast Pewter

Trad Western Visalia Stirrups SP23


Trad Scale - Visalia
Cast Pewter

Trad Western Engraved Stirrups SP24


Trad Scale - Engraved
Cast Pewter

Clas Western Engraved Stirrups SP25


Classic Scale - Engraved
Cast Pewter

Large Bijoux Size Western Engraved Stirrups SP25


Large Bijoux - Engraved
Cast Pewter


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