Now you can learn to make your own scale miniature western saddle set from our detailed kit! Inside, you'll find all the materials and supplies to construct:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Western Saddle Kits

Western Saddle Kit

Rio Rondo's basic Saddle Kit includes the following items, all in one package:

Rio Rondo's Saddle Kits are available in either Traditional Scale (approx. 1:9) and the smaller Classic (approx 1:12 or dollhouse) scales.

If you are not sure which scale your model is, check out our Scale Reference Page
For a list of tools needed to assemble this kit see the Kit Info Page

The kit comes plain (as shown, without decoration) however, you can play around with many options and add-ons including:

All these options and more are yours to choose from to create the miniature western saddle of your dreams!

Decorated Saddles from Kits

Saddles crafted from kits by Kathy Wiggins

Western Saddle Kits
Includes Leather, Lace, Hardware, Instructions & Pattern


Western Saddle Kit
Trad (1:9) scale — $35.00 each


Western Saddle Kit
Classic (1:12) scale — $33.50 each

Related Saddle Kit Supplies

Our saddle kits already include all of the leather and hardware items you will need (not including glue, scissors and other tools—for a list of additional items you'll need, click here) however, you may find you wish to purchase extra parts to create custom tack items with...

Western Saddle Tree Sets

Saddle Trees

The Saddle Kit already includes these trees, however you may wish to order extras to create more saddles or for special projects.

Our two-part trees make it easier to assemble miniature saddles, whether you are working from our basic kit or your own designs. The trees can be purchased in sets, or buy the shoulders and seats individually.

Resin tree parts can be customized by sanding, whittling or adding sclupting/epoxy putty to change the shape, and even type of tree, to suit your projects. (Resin color may vary)

Cast Lead-free Pewter trees are ultra durable and add a nice "heft" and weight to any saddle.

Available in Traditional and Classic scales.

Western Saddle Tree Sets
Resin Tree Sets
TR326 Trad. Saddle Tree Set TR326
Traditional (1:9) Scale
Western Saddle Tree Set
$10.00 set
TR522 Clas. Saddle Tree Set TR522
Classic (1:12) Scale
Western Saddle Tree Set
$9.00 set
Cast Pewter Tree Sets
TR399 Trad. Pewter Saddle Tree Set TR399
Trad (1:9) Scale
Western Saddle Tree Set
Sold Out
TR599 Clas. Pewter Saddle Tree Set TR599
Clas (1:12) Scale
Western Saddle Tree Set
Sold Out
Western Saddle Tree Parts
Traditional Scale
TR327 Trad. Saddle Tree Shoulder TR327
Trad Shoulder/Pommel Part
$5.00 ea.
1.25"h x 1.3"w x .4"
TR328 Trad. Saddle Tree Seat TR328
Trad Seat Part
$5.00 ea.
1.65"L x 1.52"w x .52"h
Classic Scale
TR523 Clas. Saddle Tree Shoulder TR523
Clas. Shoulder/Pommel Part
$4.50 ea.
.85"h x 1"w x .28"
TR524 Clas. Saddle Tree Seat TR524
Classic Seat Part
$4.50 ea.
1.2"L x 1.1"w x .4"h
Bijoux (1:18) Scale
TR744 Bijoux.Saddle Tree Set TR744
Bijoux 1:18 Scale
Western Saddle Tree
Two-Piece Set
$6.00 set

Saddle Kit Hardware Sheets

Most of the hardware you need is included on this sheet of parts. This hardware is already included in the kit, but you may wish to order extras for special projects.

Saddle Kit Hardware
NOTE: jump rings and pins etc. are not included with these sheets. Bit style may vary.
T75 —Trad Saddle Hardware Sheet
$5.40 ea.
T85 —Clas Saddle Hardware Sheet
$4.65 ea.

T75 Trad Saddle Kit Hardware Sheet

T85 Clas Saddle Kit Hardware Sheet

Manuals, Pattern Sheets, Tooling Film

These pattern pages are printed on card stock. Cut out the parts and trace them onto leather as often as you like. Tooling Film can be used to transfer tooling and carving patterns to leather projects.

Patterns & Manuals
These items are postage-paid to US addresses.
BKT1t—Trad Saddle Pattern Page
$2.50 ea.
BKT1c—Clas Saddle Pattern Page
$2.50 ea.
KM19—Saddle Kit Manual
$4.00 ea.
Tooling Film
Film used to transfer designs onto tooling leather.
TF2—Tooling Film Sheet
— 8.5 x 5.5"

$1.80 ea.
TF3—Tooling Film Roll
— approx 2ft x 3.5" strip (when available)

$1.00 ea.

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