Rio Rondo Enterprises Etching News
January 2017

Changes and Updates to our Etched Items

December 2017 News
Dec. 24, 2017
More Bijoux test items, and photos of a saddle set made with some of them!

Bijoux Test Items

And also a big Squee Alert! on some new trad-scale halter rings with the little "quarter moon" pieces, one-ear plates and a few other goodies.

Dec. 10, 2017
Bijoux Items In Stock

Bijoux PDF


These items are in-stock and ready to go. We have a lot of some, and a few of others... and will be getting more in shortly. Most of the items now have photos. The PDF will be updated with images soon.

Bijoux Test Items
Pictures and discussion of various small-scale items we tested and are currently working on.

Trad-Scale Test Items & One-Ear Plates
Besides the new Bijoux stuff, we've worked on a few Trad-scale projects including new One-Ear plates, a Weymouth SaddleSeat Hack bit, and a Junior Cowhorse bit. These aren't available just yet, but we'd like to know if you're interested in purchasing some, before we add them to the line-up.

Resin Horses
We're happy to report that a new Veronka mold is now complete, and she's back on-line. Victrix should be back in a few weeks. Valor is undergoing some updating, and he won't be available again until the alterations are done. I don't have a time estimate on him, but he's looking good.

November 2017 News
Nov. 26, 2017
New Items Now Available — For Tiny Scales!

While design and engineering aspects of small scale items ("Bijoux" 1;18 and "Bitty Bijoux"/SM) has been very challenging, we're finally able to present a number of new items!

Sadly, we don't have pictures yet. If there can be a longer chain of things to go wrong when it comes to cameras, lighting, tripods and the like, I haven't seen it. Nevertheless, we'll be getting photos of the items up as soon as we can over the next few weeks.

We are delighted with what we received in the last production run... and while admittedly, if you want them you'll have to purchase them sight-unseen just now, I am sure you will not be disappointed. The only disappointment might be that we may run out of this initial offering, as only a few things were made in any real numbers to date. About 80% of this run was guessing... so we tested as many things as we could fit in, within the time frame.

Imagine the SQUEE when 95% of it came out... better than we had envisioned! There's a few things that worked ok, but I'm not yet happy with, in terms of final details and some of the deco work, so we'll be tweaking that up over the next couple of months.

Now that we know what to expect, the work continues apace, to work on getting larger quantities as soon as we can, and fill in some of the gaps. One notable gap is buckles, and we successfully produced 3 different sizes... we just didn't get enough of them to put in the bins. I should note, you'll be on your own to deal with the straps you want to use in them... they'll require very fine ribbon, string or finely-skived leather... or whatever material you can make work!

For a full rundown on what is available for purchase right now:

Tiny "Bijoux" Parts

Full PDF list of currently available Bijoux Items:

Bijoux PDF

Besides the new Bijoux stuff, we've also been working on some decorative rails for production in the near future, and EAR PIECES for one-ear and two-ear styled bridles. Our first tests arrived and look great, and we'll get photos of those up soon. There will be some new halter designs coming, with new parts and options, and lots of little improvements. I'm not sure when all this will be "ready for prime time" as it were, but we should have something in the next 2-4 months.

Summer 2017 News
June 8, 2017
Bijoux Series in development -- For Tiny Scales!

Previously, we had done a few samples of small-scale parts (For Little Bits/Pebbles/Schleich/CollectA, and possibly Stablemate, etc). I really have not had a lot of time to expand on these but we did refine a little bit of what we did, and tested some small slotted rings.

For a full rundown on what is going on:

Tiny "Bijoux" Parts


January 2017 News
January 12, 2017
Restocking Time!

At long last, we finally have the G701 Baroque Bits in Silver in stock as well as more G761 English Hackamores!

We've also got:

• Heel Bar Buckle Sets
• Bit Clips
• Connector Bars

and a number of other things we'd run out of in December.

It is flabbergasting how quickly time flies and gets away from a person, especially during the holidays! We're still working on a lot of new items, but some of them are going to have to wait until a bit later this year.

As it turns out, it's a whole lot easier to design new parts, and even get them into production, than it is to get the website and catalog updated to show them off! There just never seems to be enough time to go around.

Be that as it may, we're adding just a few more items at this time:
Concho Beads Four new styles that can be used for saddle fastening. Three styles in 3/16" size and one style in 5/32".

Western Cinch Buckles Three styles (Two trad, and one Classic). These were selected from the previous test parts. Supplies are limited, but we'll be adding a few more and related items a bit later.
As far as news goes, in my various experiments with the Bit Clips, I found that super-gluing the items to the leather was easier than using the tabs. This round of production we made some with tabs and without, and we've got a good supply of them both (with tabs, and without) for the moment. We didn't give them different part numbers, however, so if you care, you can specify, but no guarantees.

We've added back one design (BC950-Southwestern 1/16") because it was very iffy with the tabs but they work swimmingly without them.

Meanwhile, we've completely sold out of all the old-production Bridle Plate sheets (BP101-104 and BP121-124) . This should free up some space to work on some new ideas....

Rio Rondo Update Sheet — This pdf contains almost everything new we've added in the past year. Be sure to snag a copy so you can see it all in one place. These items have also been added to the regular PDF Catalog (updated Jan 12, 2017).

October News
October 27, 2016
Gold Items In Stock!

We've just received a new shipment of gold items and they're in-stock and ready to go now. This includes:

• Center-Bar Buckles, Slotted Rings, Dees
• New Stock English & Costume Bits
• Iberian Items (buckles, conchos, adornments)

Additionally, we have a few more test items, some of which we'll be putting on the specials page. This production run came out extremely nice, and we're hoping to get some new photos of the test items, since these new parts are closer to what we were expecting!

Just as a quick note, not only did we previously mess up the G701 Baroque bits (producing only left bit shanks) but we just discovered we did the same thing on the G762 Baroque Hackamores! Argh! We'll be working to get that fixed in the near future.
October 8, 2016
Here's the latest update from the test items we did this past August.

The tests on this page include Mini Bits, Saddle Plates & Stirrups for SM and Pebbles/LittleBits scales, as well as tiny hooks, beaded sections, some additional concho tests and a one-ear plate. Also is a visual treat from Melissa Halvas showing how she used the Arabian End Caps to hang chains and beads from.
August Test Items & Notes- Page 2

August Test Items

New Tutorials Online
If you haven't found them already, you can find the new Tutorial pages here.

Topics include how to set up Heel-Bar or "Tongue" buckles, Keepers, Making Roller Buckles, an easy way to make tiny holes for buckle tongues , add Strap Tips, Bit/Bridle Clips, as well as instructions on how to assemble 3-Piece "Riley" bits and Buxtons.

August News
August 21, 2016
I don't know when I've ever been so busy, getting things into bins, updating the website, dealing with test items and more! Every time I think that something is going to be done on the website "in a couple days" it ends up being at least a couple weeks!

Nevertheless, I've put together the first page full of new test items, news bits and so forth:
August Test Items & Notes

August Test Items

In addition to this (ok, I'll say it...) in a couple of days I hope to have more how-to tutorials up on topics like Bit Clips, Buckle Tongues, Making nice holes for heel-bar/tongue buckles, attaching strap tips, shaping buckle keepers and measuring a model's muzzle to determine the best size of connector bar.

We've also been busy adding photo views of most items (in addition to artistic renditions) on many pages. This is an ongoing task though, and sure does eat up the time!

Bit Clips In Stock

Connector Bars for Bits In Stock

Work should commence on updating the PDF catalog shortly, also.
August 5, 2016
Brand New Items now in Stock!

Iberian/Baroque/Portuguese Adornments, Buckles, Conchos & Bits

New Conchos

New Buckles

More Bits

Breastcollar Center Plates

"Long Plates" for Bridles, Halters & Breastcollars

We've also got the new Stable Blanket Hardware #HD825 available, but it doesn't have a webpage as yet. They are $3.75/set (with discounts at 5 and 10 units).

More news to come in a few days!

July News
July 18, 2016
Shop Specials and Closeout Sale keeps changing

I've added more leather types and scrap bags, and at least one one-time-only thing. Admittedly, there's still more leather to sift through, but I do believe I can see the bottom of the barrel now --ha! I sure hope so!

Shop Specials and Closeouts

I'm going to keep adding all manner of things to that page as I'm able to. There's some old-production items we won't be producing any more of, there's some oddball hardware, ancient test-item artifacts and so forth. Just keep an eye on that page, as it can change at any time (whether or not I make a news announcement about it.)

New Bits Section on the website

There was a lot more work to this than I had considered, when I started it a few weeks ago... but I do believe it's done, except for making a few changes as soon as the new parts come in.

Check out the link above, to see what items will be added to the line just as soon as they come in!

New Parts Scheduled to Be IN-STOCK by August 1st

With this coming round of parts, we will finally have all of the items we previously had back into production (and hopefully, in-stock). There's a few items that we won't be producing going forward, but that just clears the decks for more new, different and better things.

This by no means says that we're "done" making new stuff. We're just done getting all of the old stuff back in the bins. Of note, all the bits we'll be carrying over the next 6-12 months will be arriving soon, and we'll increase production numbers on the most popular items. Some things are going to be on "Limited Availability" status for awhile, so for those items its best to order them when we first get them in. Speaking of which, the new "Riley" bit has proven to be very popular, and we'll be getting a larger quantity in this time. It has been modified just a smidge for easier assembly, and I hope we'll get new pictures up of the revised version soon. I do have plans to make more 3-piece bit sets in the future . . . I only have about a hundred ideas!

As quickly as we're able to, we'll be updating and adding the new parts to the website over the next 2 weeks. The first section to be revamped are the Bits. We're not taking advance orders on the items we don't have just yet, but as soon as they're ready, we'll put it here (or on the News List.)

So.... what new items are coming in July?
• Bit Clips
• Long Plate Sets (final versions)
• More Decorated Center-Bar Buckle sheets (more styles!)
• New Decorated Heel-Bar Buckle sheets (with buckles, keepers & tips)
• New Iberian/Baroque/Portuguese Buckles, Conchos & Adornments
• 1/4" Stable Blanket Hardware Sets
• Concho sheets in 8 or 9 styles
• New bits, getting older styles back in-stock

And more tests of more things we're working on.
Keep an eye on this page, or the News List, as I'll be adding links as other areas of the website are updated and new parts added!


June News
June 25, 2016
Shop Specials and Closeout Sale

Along with the last round of items, we ordered just a few more of the test parts, so we could have some of the bits and things on hand. This also came with more of the items we put in our recent Parts Lottery, so we have a few of some of these items available now, with no waiting!

Shop Specials and Closeouts

We did end up getting behind on new production. While we had planned to have most of this stuff available by the end of June, it unfortunately will be the end of July before we will have any further new items in stock. I'll post more of the details on this in a few days.

Meanwhile, check out the sale page above, if you're needing or wanting some of those test items! We've got some concho sheets, portuguese items, costume bits, fancy buckles and so forth. First come, first serve!

Also, we've put all the old-production bits on sale (western, english, driving) and they're available at 25¢ a set until sold out or the new production versions arrive. Whichever comes first.

We're still cleaning out the shop, so some more things will be cleared out over the next several weeks.

May News
May 3, 2016
Thank you for a successful lottery sale!

Parts Lottery Results

If you find yourself on the lists and haven't heard from us yet, please check your spam/junk folders so you can be sure to claim your items!

April News
April 26 - May 2, 2016 -- Special Etched Parts Lottery Sale!

SPECIAL Lottery Sale of Etched Items!

Photos galore of many of the new alpha- and beta-version test items that aren't in production yet! Here's your chance to snag a few new items for your tackmaking plans!

Sign up for as many items as you like, and if we draw your name, you'll be able to purchase all the items you've been drawn for. There's multiples of some things, and only 1 of others.

Believe it or not, every item has a photo (not computer simulated images)... but these parts are so nice the photos LOOK like they're made up. What you see, is what you'll get! Kudos to Gary for all the parts photos!

And don't forget to check out our new stock of Suede Leather Colors

April 24, 2016 . . .

One of the notable variations in production involves what we call "frost". Some parts will have their lower areas display a "frosty" type finish, as opposed to smooth. We have no control over this here, and we don't consider them "undesirable" either... in fact, some items look darned cool this way.

We won't really be able to effectively honor requests for "frosty" or not parts, so you might get either or both when you order (although for items like bits that have matching sides, they'll be the same finish.) This does not affect items that don't have decoration, such as plain buckles.


April 18, 2016 . . .

At long last, we have the new items that are available for sale now ready and on the website!

New Long Plate Sheets

New Deco and New Production Western Bits

New Deco Buckle Sheets

New Production Buxton Bit
Since the Buxton had been previously tested successfully, we were able to get a smattering of those in stock. The remainder of the english and driving bits will arrive this summer, although we'll be lottery-ing most of those shortly.

Upcoming Lotteries
We're going to have one (or more) Lotteries for most of the test parts we received in this last round. (And a painted horse lottery, to boot!) You'll be able to sign up, and if your name is drawn, you'll be able to take the item(s) home at the set price.

It's going to be a few days before we get things ready for that , so please be patient!

The pictures and results of most of the test items will be featured on the lottery page. Any extra items that don't go there, will be featured on another page.

New E-Mailing List coming
Over the next week or three, we'll be setting up a different email list, and moving things from Yahoo. While we'll keep the yahoo list indefinitely, we hope that one hosted by ourselves will at least deliver the mail to you. Also, you won't have to join Yahoo to get the latest updates.

We'll announce here when we're ready to go with that.

April 8, 2016 . . .

Test items have arrived!

We're currently going over the new test items, as well as restocking things like HD30, GB18, B5 etc.

I did have to stop everything, and take a few moments to do this:

Please Please Please click the picture!
Bridle Parts

Baroque/Portuguese/Iberian Buckles

Center Plate Tests

I'll put up more info on the other tests as I'm able to get to them and get photos.

March News

March 18, 2016 . . .

Now that we've had a chance to get some things more or less under control regarding the new etchings, we can finally see our way clear to get to work on some new things and see what's what.

The pages below feature some preview images as well as some photos of parts that are either going to be available soon, or being tested for release later this year.

New Concho Tests!

Baroque/Iberian/Portuguese Ornaments, Buckles and Bits

New Decorated Buckles
(added 3/20)

Breastcollar Center Plates
(added 3/20)

Bridle, Breastcollar and Halter Plates (Long Plates)
(added 3/21)

Bits, Bits, Bits!
(added 3/22)

Test Items
(added 3/22)

Availability, going forward . . . or
The Early Bird Gets the Worm

We are presently working on increasing the supplies of items that we ran out of much sooner than expected. Notably some of the buckles, as well as HD30 (slotted halter rings) and GB18 (Girth Buckles). This should be mostly remedied in the next few weeks.

However, for some other parts, it is much trickier to assess the demand, although we are serious about getting up to speed on the most needed items.

Unfortunately, due to cost constraints, we will not be able to guarantee a stock or quantity of some items at all times.

Over the next month or two we will be denoting which items will be classified as "Limited Availability" on the website, the Pricelists pages, and in the PDF Catalog. Items that will be tagged as such, are most likely to be available when a new shipment comes in, which we will be announcing as we go. Your best bet is to obtain what you know you'll need of these limited items as soon as it comes in.

Gold Items are Limited Availability Items
Because the demand for gold items in general is fairly low, we will only be doing gold runs once or twice a year. Over time, we will be able to make adjustments to ensure that more of the most-desired items are available in gold, but it is nearly impossible to even guess at this time. We are hoping to be able to put together a system where we can take advance orders/requests to be able to better provide the items and quantities you may need in gold in the future.
NEW Items are Limited Availability Items (at least, at first)
We guess as best we can, but it is so very easy to guess wrong!
If New or Gold items happen to be something you really want badly, the best advice would be to order them as soon as they come in, and also let us know what you need and how many so we can make adjustments.

New Concho Tests!

Baroque/Iberian/Portuguese Ornaments, Buckles and Bits

New Decorated Buckles

Breastcollar Center Plates

Bridle, Breastcollar and Halter Plates (Long Plates)

Bits, Bits, Bits!

Test Items

Please follow the links for pix and info!

Shortly, I'll be showcasing the following:
• Test Items – Buckle Keepers, Akhal-Teke Neckbands, Bit/Bridle Clips, and other amusing things from Gary.

November News

November 12th . . .

The new production GOLD parts have arrived!
They are every bit as lovely as the nickel silver ones are. We've updated the pages, printable pricelist, and PDF catalog at this time, so you might want to snag yourself a copy here:

Fall 2015 Catalog PDF

This is a major revision, so we won't be putting any quick lists here. The new catalog does reflect all the changes we've incorporated (or endured, if you prefer) since July.

The most notable change on the new gold items, are the prices. Unfortunately, the cost for the gold items is now significantly more than the silver, and the prices needed to be adjusted accordingly. We have found that to be a trend with other products that come in silver and gold colors over the past year, where there used to be not that much difference between the two.

We will put the old stock out on clearance sale in the next week or two as soon as we can get some lists put together for those who are interested.

New Shipping & Handling Rates

It has been a very long time since we revised our shipping and handling rates, but we did need to make some changes to keep up with the PO. The new rates are as follows:

USA Shipments = $6.50
USA Priority = $8.50
USA Shipments for orders $60 and over = Priority Shipping at the $6.50 rate
Canada Shipments = $11.25 (as of March 29 2016)
Foreign Shipments = $14.50

In related news, there is no longer a small order fee for orders under $10.

Printable and Online Pricelists
The printable pricelists can be found here:

Printable Pricelists

These are up-to-date, and we've added links to the pages for each item. The "Printable Pricelist" is one you can print, or keep on your computer, and you can click the link to go directly to the page for that item.

We are still working at a furious pace to get a number of areas on the website cleaned up, but there just does not seem to be enough time in the day!

More New Production in the Works

While we had hoped to get a few more things done to put in this round of Gold, we were so out of so much, we decided we just better get on with what we had, and catch up with ourselves before things got even messier.

Our next round of production will update most of the remaining parts, such as bits, primarily. We've had successful tests of a new version of the Buxton bit, as well as a couple of new bits. We've done an arabian "Mameluke" type bit, styled after an illustration from the time period, a fancy iberian/portuguese type bit, as well as a plain portuguese bit. There's a number of other cool things in the offing, and we should be able to offer a few entirely new items sometime after the first of the year.

Thank you for your patience these past months!

If you've been making new tack using the new items, we'd love to see some pictures!

October News

October 21st . . .

Gary had to work hard to get a photo we could share . . . to get around the shiny "bling!" factor so you could see the deco! He did a great job here (HP642) and I think this picture is about 5 times larger than life.... but boy these parts sure came out nice!

Yes, they all look this good. They also bend nicely, without being brittle, no flaking... truly a joy to behold!

New HP642 Sample

While the artwork shown on our website is simulated... it looks very much like what you actually get in person! Except, with lots more sparkle....

October 12th . . .

Items are ready to order and ship! The links below take you directly to the pages.

New One-Sided/Heel Bar/ Tongue Buckles!

Etched Corner Plates

Etched Fancy Halter Plates

Stable Halter Name Plates

Girth Buckles & Equalizer Rings

New B63 1/16" Buckles

Arabian Charms & Horse Jewelry Items

Harness Brasses

The latest information on pricing is here: Printable Pricelist.

Please note that the PDF Catalog has NOT been updated as yet. We will have more information on gold items shortly.

September News

I thought I'd provide a little "teaser" for what's currently on tap:

This is a test copy of the P145 plates. This photo shows the depth and detail of the sheet, without any colorization to enhance it. It was a little tricky trying to photo around the "shine" of the plating! (Click for a larger view!)

P145 Test

We expect that all of the new decorated production going forward is going to be like this! We can hardly wait!

As part of the re-tooling process, we've not only had to make some changes, but also a number of decisions on which parts will be produced going forward (and which will be discontinued.)

The following items will be available with the next round of production (arriving in October):


and matching Accessories:

Halter Plate Sheets:


(Styles for the above items that are NOT listed above, are discontinued, and any remaining stock available until sold out. We hope to add some new designs at a later time.) Decorated Etched Buckles:

B61, B62, and the NEW, 1/16" B63

Other new stuff to be available in October: (more details to come!)

New Arabian and Costume Charms

--For marwari, akhal-tekes and others.... too much to note here but we'll get some sample art up as we can... lots of great new cool stuff!

One-sided Tongue buckles
English Girth Buckles & Equalizers
Name Plates & Tags for Stable Halters

and lots of items being tested for future new production!

Another teaser:

Test Buckle

This is a 1/8" buckle we tested to see what it would look like. While we're not sure if these will go into production the photo clearly shows good quality detail.

Gold Items

We are tentatively planning a run of gold items (buckles, dee's, slotted rings, T10's and some of the new items) by the end of the year. We'll have more information about that as soon as we know more.

August - New Production Etched parts

The following categories of etched parts are in production and available at this time in Nickel-Silver color (pricing remains the same, except for T10):

Square and Oval Plain Utility Buckles (B5, B6, B7, B10, B11, B12, B13, B20 (B4))
Slotted Halter Rings (HD30, HD35) B35 sheets now have 20 pieces, instead of 16
Dee Rings (D116, D332, D18, D316, D14)
T75 Saddle Hardware.

Gold versions (except T75) will be available a little later this year.

We do have some stock of some of the above in gold color and that will continue to be available as long as the supplies hold out (until we can get them replaced). In some cases "factory seconds" are still available at discounted prices.

T10 Hardware Sheets

The T10 sheet has been revamped, and now includes some dee rings, a couple new western bits, a sample of a new decorated buckle, some CB16 conchos, HD37 slotted rings. It also features new updated B20 (oval) buckles that better match the other ovals, as well as updated styles for hooks.
Nickel Silver color is currently available and in production, Gold to be coming soon.
The old version of the T10 is discontinued and no longer available.


Check out the Hardware Sheet page for current pricing, and a the key to the parts that are included.

B20 Buckles to become B4 Buckles

The previous B20 buckles (3/16" Round) have been redesigned to better match the other oval buckles (B5, B6 and B7) that we offer, and will be changing their part number to B4 (and B420 respectively). Currently, the nickel-silver ones are in production and available... the gold ones will be forthcoming soon. Unfortunately the new sheets will say "B20" on them for awhile, but regardless of what part number they have, they will be the new oval shape.
B20s Buckle B20g Buckle

The old versions of the B20 buckles are discontinued and are no longer available.

Check out the Etched Buckles page for current pricing and information.

T75 Saddle Kit Hardware - Traditional

2 of the bits (W415 and W416) have been replaced with two new plain western bits (W417 and W418). Whichever bit comes on a sheet when you order is random. We have also added 6 CB18 concho beads to the sheet, and it now features the new updated HD7 and HD2 hooks. The new version will replace the old one, effective immediately, and the price remains the same.

T75 Saddle Hardware

T85 (classic) size will be updated at a future time.
The prior versions of the T75 are discontinued and are no longer available.

HD2 and HD7 Hooks

The hooks HD2 and HD7 have both been redesigned. The new versions will replace the old ones as we get them in and sell out of the old stock. The notable difference is that instead of a "hole" for a jump ring on the bottom, the loop is larger and can accommodate being placed directly on 1/16" lace (or round lace) or you can still use a jump ring. The tops are open... to easily slide onto a ring to "hook" and they can be lightly "crimped" to close them off as desired so the hook doesn't come undone. We will have illustrations added to the website over the next few days. Meanwhile, they are featured on both the T10 and the T75 artwork above.

We did not receive enough quantity in our initial shipment to do much at this time, but will be working on that in the near future. At this time we have a bit of old stock on hand... HD7 in silver and gold, and HD2 in gold. The gold items are currently discounted to $2.00/sheet.

Slotted Halter Rings

We have received new, beautiful stock of the HD30 (3-slot trad) and HD35 (2-slot trad) slotted rings. (Gold coming soon). The HD35 sheets will now have 20 items each (instead of the former 16) and the part number will change (but either part number will get you the same item at this time. ) We don't have any old stock remaining on these items.

However, we still have reasonably decent old stock for the HD31, HD36 and HD37. We will be going into production on new stock for these items later this year (and the HD36 will update to have 20 items per sheet to match the rest.) HD3120g, HD3616s, HD3616g, HD3720s and HD3720g have new lower pricing at $2.00 each for the old stock at this time.

Discontinued Items

The following items will be discontinued as soon as existing stocks run out:

B21 and B22 "Round" buckles. Some stock of silver color remains at this time.

W415 and W416 etched western bits (Dee Shank and Grazing). Some stock remains available until sold out. These will be replaced eventually by W417 and W418, which you can see on the new T10 sheet illustration. For the moment, they will only be available on The T10 and the T75 sheets.

HD2 and HD7 in their current incarnations. They are being replaced by new styles, but unfortunately the new ones are not available just yet (you can see the new versions on the T10 sheet picture). We still have existing old stock of both in gold color, but unfortunately only have a few HD7 in silver at this time.

Future Plans

Going forward, we'll soon be producing some of the decorative items such as Corner Plates, Accessories plates and Halter Sheets. We do have long-terms plans to update some of these items in the future... however we will be producing a number of these in their current form in the interim. We hope to have new production stock available by the end of September on these items (as well as the new HD2 and HD7 hooks).

Meanwhile, we still have some existing stock of many items, as well as some "factory seconds" at discounted prices.

We were able to test out a number of new ideas, and we'll be working on those as well. We've got some ideas for some new etched fancy buckles, one-sided buckles, decorative etched bits, some updated arabian costume halter items are in the offing, and buckles/fasteners for stable blankets are being considered.