Discussion page for ongoing new etched item tests. New discussion will be added as items go into development.

New, Better Gold Parts coming soon!

Please check out the Gold Parts info page to see where we are at, regarding the change-over to a new, better gold color.

As of October 28, 2018, we are now taking Advance Orders for the new gold-colored items.

While we will be ordering extra parts for regular inventory, the past couple of years has shown that predicting what quantities are needed for gold-colored parts has been a moving target. Once the changeover is made, we will work on adjusting production to try to keep most parts in stock at all times as best we can.

In short, what I'm saying here, is if you need gold parts and don't place an advance order, I cannot guarantee those parts will be in stock for later ordering for awhile yet.

Frosty Etching Variant

One of the notable variations in production involves what we call "frost". Some parts will have their lower areas display a "frosty" type finish, as opposed to smooth. We have no control over this here, and we don't consider them "undesirable" either... in fact, some items look darned cool this way.

We won't really be able to effectively honor requests for "frosty" or not parts, so you might get either or both when you order (although for items like bits that have matching sides, they'll be the same finish.) This does not affect items that don't have decoration, such as plain buckles.



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