These Tutorials will help you get the most out of your Rio Rondo hardware parts.

Buckle & Strap Tutorials
Heel Bar Parts

Using Heel-Bar or "Tongue" Buckles
How to set up a heel-bar buckle

More Buckle Tongue Tips

Roller Buckles

Make Roller Buckles
Tutorial by Jana Skybova

Make Tiny Holes in Leather Lace for Buckle Tongues
A (nearly) fool-proof way to make nice, fine holes. Adult supervision recommended.

Buckle Strap Tips - Method 1

Buckle Strap Tips - Method 2

Buckle Keeper Tutorials

Deco Buckle Strap Keepers
How to set up our Deco Buckle Keepers.

Metal Buckle Strap Keepers
Make metal keepers from leftover etching frame parts ... and add decorative Keeper Tops!

Leather Buckle Strap Keepers
Buckle strap keepers made from leather lace.

Bit Tutorials
Bit Clips

Bit Clips
How to form and attach our Bit Clips

3-Piece Bit

3-Piece Bit Assembly Tutorial
How to assemble western bits like the "Riley" bit

Assemble a Buxton Bit
How to put together our Buxton Driving Bit.

Shine up 1/6 Scale Bits
Take 1/6 Scale Thunderbolt/Sindy bits from raw casting to a polished shine.